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The Best Apex Legends Squads Right Now!

by Community Manager on ‎15-02-2019 04:44 PM - last edited on ‎15-02-2019 05:13 PM by Community Manager

Apex Legend (fixed).jpg

Hey Subscribers!

Apex Legends has garnered over 2 million concurrent players within a week of its launch! The Overwatch-PUBG-Blackout hybrid is taking the gaming world by storm, with over 25 million downloads in the first few days. 

The game is a free to play battle-royale developed by Respawn Entertainment, the team that created the highly successful Titanfall series. As with every battle-royale, squads of 3 land onto the map, called King’s Canyon, in search for different weapons and items. Apex Legends stands out by having playable characters (Legends) with different skills. Each Legend has a unique passive, active and ultimate ability, which makes for  interestingly varied gameplay. 

The synergy and teamwork between the different Legends’ skills is what allow squads to dominate using strategies catered to different play styles. Find out which strategies suit your squad best!

Bag and Tag Squad – Bloodhound + Bangalore + Wraith

Bag & Tag (fixed).jpg

The best defence is a good offence. One of the strongest offensive squads in the game right now, the synergy between the abilities of these Legends suits those that like to stay aggressive and push opponents. Hitting them hard and fast, Bangalore’s ‘Smoke Launcher’ works wonders with Bloodhound’s ‘Eye of the Allfather’ ability, smoking an area and gunning them down.

The squad tends to lack defensive and healing abilities, not that they would need it! Wraith’s passive ability ‘Voices of the Void’ warns you if you've been spotted and when enemies are approaching.

If you have good reflexes and are down for some fast paced combat, try this squad out!

Masters of Illusions – Wraith + Mirage + Caustic

Masters of Illusion.jpg

Trick or treat? Only tricks in this squad. Confusion and traps are the theme here. Proper use of their abilities will have your opponents running in circles. Mirage and Wraith have abilities that makes them hard to gun down, plus Caustic's ‘Nox Gas Trap’ and Wraith’s ‘Dimensional Rift’, you’ll have enemies LITERALLY running straight into a trap.

Once the trap is triggered, Caustic’s passive abilities allows him to see through the gas and take his opponents down.

A bit of teamwork is needed to pull off the combo, but once mastered, this squad can be very deadly!

The Defensive Fortress – Gibraltar + Lifeline + Caustic

The Defensive Fortress.jpg

Shield up and heal up! This trio squad is for those that prefer to play defensively. Caustic’s gas grenades and mines works wonders to push the enemy back and allows the squad to hold their ground.

Gibraltar’s ‘Gun Shield’ makes it harder to gun him down, plus his ‘Dome of Protection’ ability pairs perfectly with Lifeline and Caustic’s abilities. The dome works well when reviving a teammate and also ensures you aren’t taking damage when getting supplies from Lifeline’s ‘Care Package’.

If you think your squad dies too quickly, try this composition!

The True Escapees – Mirage + Pathfinder + Lifeline

The True Escapees.jpg

It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning’s winning. And if your goal is to avoid all fights until the end, this squad is your best bet.

Mirage’s ‘Psyche Out’ ability allows the squad to  confuse the enemy with different holograms, allowing him to disengage and escape from the fight. Pathfinder allows for quick movement around the map, while Lifeline provides healing. Her ultimate ability also drops high quality items and equipment, setting the squad up for the late game.

Even if you don’t win the match, the longer you stay in the game, the higher the XP gain. So try this trio out if you want to level up quickly!

Have fun trying these squads out! Let us know what are your favourite squad compositions. Apex Legends not your thing? Find your next favourite game here!

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