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The Battle Of The Spidermen!

by SuperUser ‎28-06-2019 04:49 PM - edited ‎28-06-2019 04:50 PM


First it was Tobey Maguire, then it was Andrew Garfield, and now… 

The baton of the Spiderman suit has been passed down one by one and now it is being held by Tom Holland. And with the release of the upcoming Spiderman: Far From Home, we decided to compare all 3 of them in a battle to see who is the best Spiderman.

1. The Villains


Because all 3 Spideys have different number of movies, we’ll be focusing on their most iconic villain instead.

Tobey’s Spidey had one of the most famous villains, which was the Green Goblin, a mad man with an alternate ego played by the one and only William Defoe. With an iconic smile that has become a meme (heh), the Green Goblin is probably one of, if not, the most famous villains in superhero lore. Put him next to the Joker and Lex Luthor, and he’ll fit right in.

Andrew’s Spidey was up against Electro. An electrical engineer with an obsession with Spiderman, which was played by Jamie Foxx. So obsessed that you can say he was “in-love” with Spiderman. In the comic books, Electro’s actually pretty smart and intelligent, often getting the better of Spider-Man himself.

And Tom’s Spidey had The Vulture. An arms dealer that uses the tech he gains from outer space to create new weapons. Probably the least known villain out of all 3, he actually a family man. Working, maybe illegally, for his daughter and those close to him.

Winner: Tobey Maguire’s Spidey (Green Goblin)

Even though both Electro and The Vulture were formidable opponents for Spiderman, this one goes to the man in the green suit. Almost everyone has heard of the Green Goblin, whereas the other 2 characters are newcomers in the movie scene.


Wait a minute...

2. The Story

The overall storyline for most Spiderman movies are mostly the same. Kid gets bitten by Spider. Kids gets powers. Starts saving the day. Enemy feels threatened. Enemy finds out Spiderman has a girlfriend and uses her against him. Spiderman eventually saves the day. Both Tobey’s and Andrew’s Spidey seem to have gone through this route.

Tom’s Spidey in the MCU seem to have taken a different route for their story. His story isn’t the usual plot line of most Spider-Man stories. They don’t show him getting bitten. It’s just assumed and somehow that works. There’s no strong love interest in the plot inself. The movie is strongly focused on the heroism aspect. And that’s what makes it such a good Superhero movie. 

Winner: Tom Holland’s Spidey

3. The Reception

There’s a clear winner here without having to explain much. But I still will.

When Tobey’s Spider-Man movie came out, it was big. Partly because it was the first even Spider-Man movie for cinemas. Everyone loved it. When the 2nd movie came out, the hype doubled that up with a villain that had cool futuristic arms for claws, Dr Octopus. And then the 3rd movie came out, and so Emo Spidey.

Andrew’s Spidey was always an outsider looking in. After the fall of Tobey’s franchise, Marvel needed a bounce back. They decided to go for a handsome young boy, banking on his looks. Of course Andrew Garfield can act, there’s no arguing that. But when your performances are more or less just average.

And then there’s Tom’s Spidey. A fan favourite from the start. The first Spiderman movie to bring in close to 900mill in grossing sale. And the potential leader of the new Avengers (we miss you Mr Stark). 

Winner: Tom Holland’s Spidey.


Obviously each Spider-Man has its good and bad parts. All 3 actors have impacted our lives being the most famous superhero in the world. However, our overall best Spidey has to be Tom Holland!

giphy (1).gif

Do you guys agree with us? Who’s your favourite Spider-Man? Make your own opinion and get yourself ready for Spider-Man far from home with Digi #FreedomToInternet here!

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