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Streaming service Disney+ Hotstar finally arrives in Malaysia!

by Community Manager on ‎05-05-2021 10:59 AM

Finally. The extremely loooong wait is OVER! The launch date for Disney+ Hotstar in Malaysia has finally been announced, after months of speculations, the streaming platform will be available to us starting from 1 June onwards. How amazing is that?

If you aren’t sure what this all means, we’ve got you covered!


1. Disney+ Hotstar


What is Disney+ Hotstar? For most of us, streaming platforms such as Netflix and iflix are our go-to streaming platforms because of their availability in Malaysia. Well, Disney+ Hotstar is basically the same thing. It is a dedicated streaming platform, not just for global content, but for Malaysian hits too!

You will be spoilt for choices with a catalogue of over 800 films alongside 18,000 episodes of TV series right from the start, including our local television series and films. Decisions….decisions! On top of that, you will also get to watch exclusive Disney+ Original movies, series, and more.


2. The Benefits 


Hmm... why do we need to be excited about this? Stop right there, we have the answer for you!

There is a lot of exclusive content that you will be getting from Disney+ Hotstar, such as exclusive premieres, Hollywood, and local blockbusters! Not to forget all the award-winning material from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and even National Geographic!

Whaaaat? “Does this mean I can watch Wanda Vision now?” Yes, yes you can! There is no need for you to search it up online anymore. Now, you can just stream it! Legally. 😉

The service will also feature plenty of Malaysian content, due to the fact that they had a multi-year deal with local studios such as Les’Copaque Production, Primeworks Studios, and many more.

Staying true to Malaysia's multi-ethnic roots, the platform will host awesome local films and top-rated dramas such as J2: J Retriusi, Chinese-language films, and series such as The Silent Forest, Ip Man 4: The Finale, and Ruyi’s Royal Love In The Palace, and last but not least, Hindi and Tamil-language content such as Lootcase, Khuda Hafiz and Vishwaroopam 1 and 2.

To all parents out there, don’t worry as there will be kids-friendly content too such as Zombitopia, Ejen Ali, Upin Ipin, and many more. Now, you and your family can enjoy watching movies together at home because there are so many choices you can choose from! Their service is also commercial-free, now your little ones can watch the content without being interrupted.

P/S: It is announced by Disney that there will be several movies and series that will skip theaters and launch straight on the streaming platform! We are preparing ourselves with popcorn and gettin’ our binge-mood on, and we suggest you do the same.


3. Get Your Binge-Mood On!

movie night.gif

Now that you have all this information, you will definitely want to stream it, right?
This is the time for you to grab your favourite facemask, dim the lights and just binge whether it's on your mobile phones, tablets, or media streaming devices.

It is stated that subscribers can watch on two screens at the same time, as long as the devices are compatible. The majority of the content on Disney+Hotstar is available to download too, so you can definitely watch your favourite movie or tv show on the go.

So what are you waiting for? Stream your favourite movie while you stay connected to what matters most. Get 100GB High-Speed Internet for just RM7 from 3am-7am this Ramadan month. Click here to subscribe now. Have fun streaming! 💛


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