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Stay Safe No Matter The Weather With These tips!

by SuperUser ‎16-08-2019 05:18 PM - edited ‎10-09-2019 02:50 PM

What is going on with our Malaysian weather?!

From rain that floods up to your knees, to air that may suffocate you, Malaysia is currently experiencing weather that’s swinging back and forth faster than a metronome.

If you live in a condo or a high rise building, you can't even look outside the window without seeing everything in white. 


And they said global warming isn’t real.

Safe to say things really aren’t as safe. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe and prevent you from getting into a sticky situation!


Check the forecast!

Prevention is always better than cure, so why not make your plans according to the weather? With different apps like MyIPU and Rain Alarm, you can plan specific dates and time for when to set your business meetings or lunch plans. Here is a list of useful free apps for you to check out:


- Rain Alarm

- MyCuaca

- RainViewer

- Nebulo

- And many more!


Mask up and bring an umbrella!


You may be the Doctor but you couldn’t save Tony Stark. 

You’re driving to dinner at a place far from your house, and when you’re just about to reach, it starts raining. Heavily. You don’t have an umbrella and you don’t see shade anywhere nearby, so you decide to run in the pouring rain.

Or you’re heading home from work and just left the LRT station when you still have a distance to walk. In the haze. 

Get yourself an umbrella and a packet of facemask to keep in your car or purse for those emergency moments. You can even look stylish with those facemasks with patterns.


Stay indoors!

When it comes to lunch and dinner in Malaysia, majority of places including mamaks and kopitiams are either outdoor located or exposed to the air.


“Try a little home-cooking to pack your meals”

Plan on where you want to grab your meals - the best are indoors! It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Get yourself the #FreedomToExplore without having to worry about Malaysia’s unpredictable weather with Digi now!

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