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#Relatable Moments During MCO (and How to Best Them!)

by Community Manager on ‎15-01-2021 02:51 PM - last edited on ‎17-02-2021 10:10 PM by Community Manager

1. You Keep on Forgetting What Day It Is 


Happy Monday! I mean, Tuesday. Hold up- it’s Wednesday, sorry. You always lose track of time and secretly hope nobody asks you what’s the date today to spare the embarrassment. If you can relate to this, no fret! Have you guys heard of the app, Habitica? It’s a task manager app that helps you track and maintain your good habits! It’s video game inspired, and isn’t limited to only habit tracking! You can also get your friends to join to complete quests and missions.

2. Rainy days, again. 


We all have those moments where we stare outside the window when it is raining, and we pretend like we are in a music video to OneRepublic’s Apologize. While rainy days might make life a bit gloomier, here is something that might just cheer you up! Remember Owl City? What about the Katy Perry classics and Ke$ha? Listen to these nostalgic jams from circa 2010- and get up and dance! Start an impromptu Zumba session cuz you moving around will wash away all the rainy-gloominess. Here are our best picks: 

2010’s Nostalgia Playlist OR Songs That'll Cheer You Up

3. Untouched To-Watch Lists


Every friend reco gets added to a “watch-list”, but we just can’t find the time to really sit down and indulge. So what do you do? PLAN IT OUT! Get your friends together for a movie night. Use Teleparty, a browser extension for watching TV and films on streaming platforms with friends! It synchronizes the video playback with a group chat at the side, so it feels like you’re actually together! 

4. Trying to Think of Something New to Eat


Taco Tuesdays or Nasi Lemak Mondays don’t have to become the norm. Being home all the time does stretch the imagination when it comes to menus. I mean, how many more ways can you make your avo-toast exciting? If you’re stuck on “what to eat today?” then service those cravings with this great solution for those who love to cook: Supercook. This website generates a personalised recipe, based on what you have in the kitchen. Just pick the ingredients you have left in the pantry and voila! A plethora of recipes you can try out! They also have an app available for download.

5. Don’t Forget to take Breaks!


We all know that working or studying from home could take a toll on your body. You spend most of the time sitting, which could cause stiffness or strain to your muscles.  What would help is to always take a short break in between sessions (calls or classes). Try these  breathing exercises or these Yoga stretches to de-stress your mind. It could give you that shot of energy and much-needed breathing space.

Are you inspired to make the most out of it? Well get back on track and discover more ways to stay productive with Digi's High-Speed Internet Plans here

by Member
on ‎16-01-2021 01:16 PM

How to port out easily from digi ?

by Member
on ‎23-01-2021 10:07 PM
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