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Most memorable moments that broke the Malaysian internet

by Community Manager ‎14-09-2017 09:46 AM - edited ‎14-09-2017 01:50 PM

No doubt, the internet plays a big role in uniting Malaysians – giving us a platform to voice our opinions, show our talents, spreading positivity and sharing memorable events. This Malaysia Day, we’re taking a look the top memorable moments that had warmed our hearts and trended on Malaysian social media!


Yuna takes center stage

We had a major crush on our favourite home gal Yuna when she collaborated with R&B singer Usher for her hit song “Crush”! And in case you missed it, her song “Live Your Life” was also featured on one of the radio stations in the game GTA V. How cool is that?


The internet saves the day

When an irresponsible buyer cheated an uncle selling soft toys by faking a bulk order, leave it to the internet to rescue the day. Thanks to a kind soul who wrote about Uncle David’s unfortunate story on Facebook, the news immediately turned viral. Soon the uncle received a huge crowd of customers, that he had to order more toys from the wholesaler to fit the demand.


The ostrich highway run

When an ostrich was spotted running on the Federal Highway (#truestory), the Malaysian social media scene exploded with a mix of emotions. Some of us found it humourous while others took pity on the frightened ostrich. At the end of the day, we were all glad that the ostrich was returned to its owner, safe and sound.


Our national athletes, every time!

Thank you to our sporting gladiators, who give their all in making our nation proud. For every medal, record-breaking win and defeat, Malaysians have stood together to show their endless support - be it physically, in spirit or via social media!

Spearheading In-flight entertainment

No one could forget AirAsia flight attendant Assraf Nasir when he did a remake of Britney Spears’ iconic “Toxic” music video in an Airbus A330 – and completely nailed it. The video received almost 9 million views after it was posted on 9GAG.


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by SuperUser
‎14-09-2017 01:51 PM - edited ‎14-09-2017 01:55 PM

i only know the ostrich one... i need to get on internet more often! lolz...


and a shameless plug for Happy Birthday Malaysia! We wish you..  Smiley Very Happy

by Community Manager
on ‎18-09-2017 10:27 AM

Haha you should @mydragoon! A little late but Happy Malaysia Day to you!

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