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Malaysian Youths That Make Us Proud

by SuperUser on ‎29-08-2019 05:44 PM

Happy 62nd Independence Day Malaysia!

As midnight struck on the morning of 31st August 1957, Malaysia celebrated its Independence Day at Stadium Merdeka, with our first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman at the helm. Since then, we have been moving forward together as a country achieving bigger and greater milestones.

From a 1980 international football team that brought Olympic qualification to our country, to the construction and rise of the tallest twin towers in the world, there has been no shortage of achievements and accomplishments that make us proud call Malaysia our home.

And as Malaysia starts another year of its independence, we look at our youths, the leaders of tomorrow and the pioneers of the future, and how they’ve already achieved so much.


Melwin Cheng Choon Lei and Tham Yong Shiang

Melwin Cheng Choon Lei and Tham Yong Shiang.jpg

Literally written in the stars. Literally.

Forever engraved in space. That’s what’ll happen to Melwin Cheng Choon Lei and Tham Yong Shiang’s names after they won the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2019 (ISEF). 

The boys invented a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to combat Aedes mosquito using crude cinnamon extract. And as the winners of the fair, there’ll be an asteroid named after the two Penang boys.


Emir Haady Imran Zulharnain

Emir Haady Imran Zulharnain.jpg

"I can't see myself doing life any other way than by being a doctor."

The dreams of Asian parents manifested into a reality. 

Not only will Emir be studying at one of the most prestigious colleges in the world, the Royal College of Surgeons (RCSI), but he is 16 years old! Completing his A-levels last year at the age of 15, the teenager will be the youngest student ever to enrol there. “The heart just fascinates me, how it works, and I just want to do what I love, which is to become a heart surgeon," he said.


S. Suresh


Always shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll end up among the stars.

No matter his background, S. Suresh never let any shortcomings affect his life. Even when he lost his left leg in a car accident when he was 13, that didn’t stop him. And now, he can call himself the World Paralympic Archery Champion.

His next trip is to Tokyo’s 2020 Paralympic where hopefully he’ll win another medal. Malaysia’s very own Hawkeye.


Yaashwin Sarawanan

Yaashwin Sarawanan.jpg

“Some people are gifted, but I trained myself. It's 100% practice that got me here today"

When some people start doing Math, they seem to always get a headache. But for Yaashwin Sarawanan, it is a passion to calculate. 

He appeared on Asia’s Got Talent and wowed the judges with his impressive multiplication skills, even going viral on YouTube as “The Human Calculator”. His amazing math skills got him the runner-up spot and a fanbase around Asia. He has recently returned back to school to continue furthering his studies.


The accomplishments and achievements of Malaysians bring us closer and shows us the beauty of our country. Even for those that can’t experience it themselves. Find out how Digi’s bringing the spirit of Malaysia to all this Independence Day with Project Footbraille.

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