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Make Deepavali Extra Special with These Tips!

by SuperUser on ‎12-11-2020 05:51 PM

Dance, laugh and feast! The festival of lights is here, so we’ve lined up the dos (and don’ts) to ensure a special yet safe celebration. Check them out below, and discover the meaning behind each tradition.


Light up your house with bright colours. Don’t forget to bring those colourful Diyas out.


Just like any festivity, decorating your house with bright colours and lights is part of the celebration! In this case, houses are cleaned and usually lit up with beautiful Diyas!

Here’s a fun fact: Deepavali is associated with Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth & beauty. People believe that Lakshmi brings her wealth and fortune to the clean and well-lit homes she visits.

Endless Murukkus and Sweets for the family!


You know it’s Deepavali houses when there are endless of Murukkus and Sweets for everyone to enjoy! These Deepavali treats are commonly made two weeks in advance and kept hidden so that the kids, or adults (I'm guilty) don’t gobble them all down before the day itself. 


The key to Kolams and Rangolis are colours, colours and MORE colours.


Kolams/Rangolis are art forms that originated in India. The purpose is to feel strength, generosity and to bring in good luck during this festive season. The designs are passed on from ancestors and that usually symbolizes the rich heritage of an Indian community. 

There are no limits on what colours to use or how it should be designed, so bring out your artistic vision and let the colours come to life! If you're not sure, try searching on Google or Pinterest on some of the beautiful designs.


Dress to impress with brand new Kurtas & Kurtis!

traditional clothes.jpg

Dress your best when you gather with family and friends with brand new Kurtas & Kurtis! People view Deepavali with high positivity and wearing new clothes symbolises a new, fresh & positive start. But it’s never compulsory, we believe that there is nothing wrong with wearing last year’s outfit too!


Early morning temple visits are enlightening but don’t forget your SOPs.


During Deepavali, it is a tradition for Hindus to visit temples on the morning of Deepavali to offer their prayers before visiting their friends and family. However, do note that with the current CMCO lockdown in certain areas, the government has prohibited visits to friends, allowing only visits to immediate family members. If you're not sure, you can click here to find out more about the Deepavali SOPs. 


Fill your plates (or banana leaves) up with mutton or vegetarian biryanis.


It’s all about the food! Deepavali offers an abundance of Indian food to be shared by friends and family. With mutton, biryani, samosas, murukkus and many more, it seems like every Malaysian festive season has a lot of eating to do. Not that we're complaining! 


A little sparklers and small fireworks!


Fireworks and sparkles add more light to a celebration that's already filled with beautiful colours. Their original significance is meant to destroy evil and attract good fortune. Plus you can also entertain the kids and keep them busy!


While you’re celebrating with your close family, discover the spirit of ‘Villalan’ and check out Digi’s Deepavali video here:

by Valued Contributor
on ‎12-11-2020 05:58 PM







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