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How Local Fashion Designers Are Doing Their Part

by SuperUser ‎13-05-2020 02:03 PM - edited ‎13-05-2020 03:21 PM

During uncertain times like these, it’s hard to feel inspired or creative especially as most of us are staying indoors. It’s normal to feel a lack of motivation and drive, considering that we’ve been consistently looking at the same four walls for nearly 2 months.


But that doesn’t stop some of our top local fashion designers in Malaysia. 


Making a difference through fashion

With the global pandemic causing shortages of medical supplies and equipment, local fashion brands and designers are stepping in to land a hand.



Taking the lead is a renowned fashion designer and newly appointed President of MODA, Malaysia Official Designers Association, Melinda Looi, who’s more accustomed to making clothes for fashionistas and socialites rather than utilitarian gowns, face masks, head and shoe covers. She's closed down her own boutique in Bangsar to focus on producing PPE for frontliners.


Her efforts have also lead to other local designers and organizations to land a hand in producing PPEs also.



Datuk Radzuan Radziwill, a renowned local fashion designer, has sewn more than 2000 pieces of surgical gowns and protective headgear of varying sizes, made from non-woven and waterproof material to be shipped wherever it’s needed.


Datuk Jovian Mandagie.jpg

Renowned fashion designer Datuk Jovian Mandagie is lending a touch of couture to the much-needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) gowns for frontliners. The designer converted his label’s in-house atelier into a PPE gown and headscarf production space as a contribution to frontliners and healthcare workers fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.


EarthHeir 3.png

Earth Heir, a company which sells handcrafted heritage fashion accessories, has also switched their production to focus on essentials needed by frontliners. The company has long worked with artisans who are refugees in Malaysia, and they’re also getting volunteers to help. 


Other designers and celebrities such as Fizi Woo, Mimpikita, Dato Rizalman Ibrahim, Neelofa and many more have also landed a hand in designing the PPEs, whether that's through raising funds or production of the equipment itself.


So while you're staying at home, get inspired by the stories of our local designer-turn-heroes and stay productive!


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