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Horror Shows You Need To Watch This Halloween!

by SuperUser on ‎30-10-2020 04:56 PM

The freaktober month in Malaysia is a time we look forward to thrilling events like fright festivals and haunted houses. Through the years, we’ve also seen many who expressed their creativity as they strut in their costumes that impressed the whole room.

However, with the CMCO and TEMCO being enforced in certain states, cancellations of large costume parties will make this year a little unusual than before. But just because you're at home doesn't mean you can't keep the screams and scares of this spooky day alive! If you're looking for a Halloween thrill that leaves you awake all-night, check out these horror shows you need to watch!


The Haunting of Hill House

haunting of hill house.jpg

What'd you get when you bring old horror novels back to life into our screens? You get a two-part series, starting with The Haunting of Hill House. Loosely based on the 1959 novel of the same name, the series jumps back and forth in two different periods, showing the origins of the Crain family and their history with the actual house. While the show doesn't startle you with jump scares and shock images, it creeps up in your mind, leaving you hiding under the bedsheets as you watch. 


The Haunting of Bly Manor

haunting of bly manor.png

Premiered at the beginning of this month, The Haunting of Bly Manor is the 2nd part in the series, though you don't have to watch the first to start this one as the stories are not connected. With the same creators and most of the same cast as The Haunting of Hill House, the story this time follows a helper and her creepy and uncomfortable experiences in the Bly Manor and the family that resides within. It may not be as scary as The Haunting of Hill House, but it can still haunt your dreams into nightmares.


American Horror Story

american horror story.jpg

When it comes to horror cliches like haunted houses, creepy freak shows and scary motels, American Horror Story's got it all. With each season, the series set itself up in a new story, with new characters and plot, so you don't have to watch all of it (unless you wanna be able to catch all the interesting easter eggs). There are certain seasons which are better than the others, but watch it and judge for yourself! 


Stranger Things

stranger thigns.jpg

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably already seen Stranger Things. But if you haven't, your first time will always be the most terrifying. Even though it has become the staple for 80s nostalgia, the show still has a fair share of horror and thrills when it comes to The Upside Down. If you're looking for a few quirky moments to fit in with your share of horror, maybe it's time to give Stranger Things a chance.




One of the longest-running series, and THE longest horror-thriller series in our screens today, Supernatural has been around since 2005. Pretty sure that's older than some of our subscribers. The show follows two brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester, as they travel to hunt down demons, ghost and other supernatural beings. The show has a very superhero-vibe to it, so if you're a comic/fantasy fan, you'll definitely like this.


If you’re looking for more horror-thriller shows to watch this Halloween, find your favourite ones at MyDigi Subscriptions here!

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