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Here’s What We Can Do To Provide A Safer Environment for Delivery Riders

by Community Manager on ‎23-04-2021 05:13 PM

Delivering documents and goods for the business community or food and essentials for the general public is a valuable service we never knew we needed. However, concerns around the safety and protection of delivery riders have been on the rise lately, so here are some of the ways we can step up as customers to provide a safer and friendlier environment for our beloved abang delivery riders.


Give a tip and 5 star rating



Customer reviews and complaints make up a huge part of a delivery rider’s rating and the rider’s ability to be assigned jobs by the algorithm. If you’ve had a good experience, take a minute out of your day to give your delivery rider a good review. You can even use the app to give him a tip!


Be Patient



Delivery riders are right at the bottom of the food delivery chain and when the restaurant is routinely slow in preparing and handing over orders, they often take the blame. If you do receive a late order, consider not ordering takeout from that particular restaurant again to avoid unnecessary stress for the riders.


Don’t Leave Them Waiting



Delivery riders often have several orders to fulfil and within a short amount of time to ensure customer satisfaction and gain incentives. If you live in a high-rise building, consider the time taken for you to get to the lobby to pick-up your food. The app has a tracking feature so make sure you’re on standby when you see your order approaching nearby! This will prevent the riders from stressing and rushing door-to-door, putting their own safety at risk. 


Pay it Forward with Packed Meals

giphy (1).gif


This Ramadan month, another initiative you can take is to a Pay-it-Forward with food you order. All you need to do is order food for one pax, and note in the app delivery rider that it’s for him. This act of kindness can turn someone’s day into a great one! And if the delivery rider has already eaten, he can share it with a loved one. 


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If you have more suggestions, let us know in the comments below! Let’s play our part in keeping our community safe 💛

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