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Get New Emojis That's Totally You!

by Community Manager ‎17-07-2020 11:45 AM - edited ‎17-07-2020 11:59 AM

What has become a mainstream in today’s digital world now plays an important role in expressing certain emotions when words just don’t cut it. Emojis have gained such a significance in our lives, and there’s also something oddly satisfying about finding one that puts your point across perfectly. To celebrate World Emoji Day, check out some of the most iconic Emojis we’ve put together that best describes certain scenarios in our lives!



Korean Heart.gif


The iconic heart sign we’ve seen all over social media. The korean-influenced gesture is an expressive way of saying “I Love You” and many people all over the world now use it so naturally. Seems about right that we create this Emoji to send some love to all our viewers <3




Lightbulb Moment.gif


That feeling when you finally think of a place to eat. Little decisions sometimes take a while and when inspiration sparks, the answer will come to you in a flick of a switch. Now… it’s time to go get that food!

The Struggle is Real

Resist the Sleep.gif

It’s already 2am and you have an early morning tomorrow. To binge or not to binge? New episodes of your fave series just released on Netflix and you can’t stop hitting the “Next Episode” button. Halp


The Feels

The Feels.gif

When your pet leaves the room when you call it over. Surely cat owners will know what we’re talking about. After all cats do have their own ways of expressing their love (would be cool if they could do the saranghaeyo sign).


The Best Homecook

Crazy Chef.gif

After all the new dish experiments during lockdown in the kitchen, some of us might have found our true talent and calling in cooking and can rise as the top home cook! Nothing tops the feeling of finding a new hobby and excelling in it. 

Stay Positive

Stay Positive.gif

A friend who exudes positivity when things get a little stressful, is also someone we can all appreciate and rely on to bring out the best in you. Fingers crossed that all goes well and soon enough, everything you do will be in your favour. 


Like these Emojis? Search “DIGIEMOJI” on Instagram Stories for more that you can relate to and use them as stickers! 


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