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Find out which iPhone 12 you should get!

by SuperUser on ‎06-11-2020 03:29 PM


Last month, the masterminds at Apple released the highly anticipated iPhone 12 series of smartphones, and they’ve made a unique design for everyone! Like the idea of an affordable iPhone that fits in the palm of your hands? An iPhone mini it is. Or perhaps you want something with the best spec sheet? The iPhone 12 Pro Max has it. How about an iPhone that’s somewhere in the middle? In this case, it’d be the iPhone 12 Pro! Still not quite sure which iPhone 12 model you should get? Check out our little handy guide below to help you choose the best iPhone for you!


iPhone 12 Mini

MINI 2.png

For a comfortable compact-sized phone that’s easy to fit in your pockets AND comes with a smaller price tag, the iPhone 12 Mini will be perfect for you! It’s a small phone with huge potential. The iPhone 12 Mini looks like a cute device that’s easy to hold as to the full-sized model. Other than it's screen size, the 12 Mini has all the same phone specs as the iPhone 12. It also feels like the closest Apple has come in terms of design to the crowd-favourite iPhone 5/5s and SE. If you’re looking for practicality with the higher specs that Apple has to offer, the iPhone 12 Mini's perfect! 


iPhone 12


For those who favour bigger screens for that HD-experience, the iPhone 12 is the phone you should get. This midrange model gives you an upgrade in all aspects when compared to the older version. A faster chip, stronger screen glass, and it weighs lighter than the 11. A great pick for any Apple fans out there who can vouch for its performance, especially with 5G rolling out in the near future.


iPhone 12 Pro 

12 pro.jpg

Twice as far optical zoom range. An additional telephoto camera. An HDR recording capability of up to 60 fps. There's a reason why the 'Pro' is added onto the name. The 12 Pro has a LiDAR Scanner which allows you to take even clearer night-mode shots and create next-level AR experiences with real-life photos. If you're looking for a device which allows you to capture moments and videos with amazing quality, the 12 Pro is perfect for you. 


iPhone 12 Pro Max

12 pro max.png

The crème de la crème. A 6.7″ Super Retina XDR display, with up to 20 hours of video watching battery life, you can technically watch the whole Lord of the Rings movie series, TWICE back-to-back. It has the same LiDAR Scanner as the 12 Pro and has a new sensor-shift optical image stabilisation that can read the image that was taken and smoothen out shaky videos. Our verdict, this iPhone is great for heavy mobile users and content creators who are on the go!

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