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Exciting Things You Can Do On a Long Weekend!

by Community Manager on ‎09-08-2019 12:17 PM - last edited on ‎20-08-2019 10:36 AM by Community Manager

Did somebody say looong weekend?

We're gonna be enjoying a bunch of long weekends soon. But with long weekends come great indecisiveness. By the time we've finally decided what to do, it's already over (inserts sad face).

We decided to come up with a list of fun but different things that you can do with friends and family.

Become one with nature!


Klang Valley and its outskirts are home to many different hikes with beautiful views such as the popular Sg Chilling and Bukit Kutu. Some hikes may not be too easy, but hey! You'll be living up to your new year's resolution to exercise more.

Get spooked at Hauntu!

P2.jpgSource: Huantu

An immersive and interactive experience where you journey through a horror story and play a role just as important to the story as anybody else.

Hop around cafes!

You could go around your typical cafes OR you could look for uniquely themed ones like board game cafes and animal cafes. Sip through your coffee as you try to dominate the world or as you pet the goodest boi next to you.

Makan your way through the day!

MY-Food.jpgSource: The Malaysian Times

Enjoy Malaysia's diverse food culture and take a road trip around Malaysia and makan your way through it all and learn about different cultures in different places.

Be mesmerized by the circus!

SDC 2019_DIGI THUMBNAIL_ 414x220-01.jpg

Watch as people defy gravity and fly through the air or balance on a tightrope over a pool of sharks! (Ok a little exaggerated there). You can get 20% off your ticket to the Swiss Dream Circus through the MyDigi app here.

Go to war!

partyroom.pngSource: Party Room Atria


Battle your friends in different kinds of activities like laser tag or a series of party challenges at the Party Room in PJ.


Explore all the different things you can do during your long weekends with Digi #FreedomToInternet now!

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