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#DigiCares: Republic GG users! Here's How You Stay Connected!

by SuperUser on ‎17-03-2020 11:52 PM - last edited on ‎22-12-2020 06:53 PM by Community Manager

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All RGG users, here's what you need to know to stay on top of your game. 


Starting 24 December 2020, you will still be able to reload your RGG credits but at an updated spending limit. 


RGG users registered with a mobile number

- Daily reload limit remains unchanged (RM500)

NEW: Monthly reload limit of RM1,000

RGG users registered with a mobile number and verified email

- NEW: Daily reload limit of RM500

- NEW: Monthly reload limit of RM1,500


 Your RGG account limit remains unchanged with a limit of RM1,000 for  RGG users registered with a mobile number, and RM1,500 for RGG users registered with a mobile number and verified email


Want to become a new RGG user? Check out our article here to find out how to register for an RGG account


Paying for RGG items


Q: I don’t have bank accounts and credit cards, how should I purchase Digi Prepaid reload PINs?

You may purchase Digi reloads at the nearest convenience stores and selected Digi Stores.

Q: I am unable to visit Digi stores to purchase Digi reload PINs, what other options do I have to reload RGG points?

You may reload RGG points using your Digi account or E-Wallet. Just click on Direct Reload in the Reload tab and you will be able to choose between Pay with Digi or E-Wallet.

Q:      I have an E-wallet account, but the credits are not enough, how do I reload it?

Each E-wallet app will have options for you to reload conveniently through online banking or credit/debit cards. 


Reloading Your RGG account


Q: How to reload RGG account

Step 1: Head to the Republic GG homepage and click on the “Reload” icon at the top.

Step 2: You can choose to reload using Reload Code or Direct Reload. 

For Reload code, you can reload using a Digi reload card (16 Digit PIN). 

For Direct reload, you can reload using your Digi credit balance (Digi user only) and your E-Wallet account (Boost, GrabPay & Touch ‘N Go).

Step 3: Choose the denomination you want to reload and Click ‘Submit’ button.


Q: How to buy content in RGG

Step 1: Go to Republic GG homepage or Search for the game title in the “Games” page.

Step 2: Click on the game title and select your preferred package.

Step 3: Click “Checkout” and you will be prompted to item summary.

Step 4: Click “Buy Now” and you will be directed to a Thank You page with your product details. Once your Game Item status becomes a success, you will receive a notification.


Q: How to redeem reward items

Step 1: On the Republic GG homepage, click on the “Rewards” menu.

Step 2: Choose the reward you want to redeem and click “Yes” for confirmation.

Step 3: Once successful, you will receive the item code on your Redeem History.


Q: How to send gifts to friends

Step 1: Click on the product gift (Example: Mobile Legends Diamonds Gift).

Step 2: Select the item package.

Step 3: Send a gift to your friends (Enter your friend's email and write a message). Do ensure that you have entered a correct email address.

Step 4: Purchase the gift using your GG points.

Step 5: Woohoo! Your gift has been sent to your friend's email.



Other Questions


Q: If my Digi Prepaid line is barred, can I still use my RGG account?

Yes, your RGG account is a virtual game credits account, which you can still access with your login and password. In the event you have forgotten your password, you may choose the “Forgot Password” option to reset it. You will need to ensure your Prepaid line is still able to receive an OTP to reset your RGG account password.



We want you to stay connected as we each do our part in preventing the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. 


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