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Creative Ways To Reduce Your Water Usage!

by SuperUser on ‎23-10-2020 03:28 PM

One of the things that we often take for granted is our water. In our country, we’re fortunate enough to have to not worry about any long droughts or where to get water. So much so that while the daily water requirement per person set by the United Nations is 165 litres, Malaysians use up to 300 litres every day! And with each year, climate change is affecting our world, making water conservation essential even when the water seems abundant.

Everyone knows the usual ways to save water like shutting off the tap when brushing your teeth and to always check your taps for leaks. Here are a few other interesting ways you might not have thought of! You might even save you during water disruptions too! Smiley Wink


Get rid of cups, use bottles!


Okay maybe not all the cups, but encourage your family to switch to bottles! Using bottles means fewer cups used each time you're thirsty, thus saving the number of times you have to keep washing dishes. Not only that, but you also save time and energy instead of having to pour another glass.


Play a song while you shower!

speaker shower.jpg

Whether it's Taylors Swift or Drake, jam along to your favourite artist while showering! That way you can time your showers and know when you've been spending too much time and water. Most showers shouldn’t last more than 6-7 minutes. So as long as your showers aren't longer than Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, you're good! 


Wash your fruits and vegetables in a bucket!


When you cook at home, you can save the water you used to wash the vegetables, fruits, and whatever food. Find a bucket or pail that fits perfectly in your sink and wash your food, then use the water you collected to either flush your toilet or water plants!

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Get a sink on the top of your toilet!

toilet bowl.png

Here’s another way you can reuse the water in your house. Install a sink on the top of your toilet so that the water can be reused! Almost all houses have a different source of water for their sinks and those in your toilet tanks. So instead of having to use more water filling up your tank, you can use the same water from your tap to flush your toilet! 


Don't dump the pot!

boiling pot.jpg

Similar to the previous point, after cooking pasta or anything else that requires boiling or steaming, save the water, allow it to cool, and use it for flushing or watering the plants.

If you’re looking for more interesting articles about trending topics, click here to head to our Digi Community site!

by Member
on ‎28-10-2020 01:14 AM
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on ‎16-12-2020 01:03 AM

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