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Assembling the Avengers of all Study Groups!

by Community Manager on ‎08-01-2021 11:58 AM

  1.       The Incredible Hulk (The Smart Friend)


Starting off strong, with The Strongest Avenger (Sorry, Thor). Everybody must know one mega-genius who you’d suspect took 12 subjects, has 7 degrees and 4 PhDs. Yup, you know who we’re talking about. You can always rely on them for notes, equations, formulas, quantum physics- you name it! They’re so good at every subject that they ended up taking 12 subjects for SPM, including electives. How is that even possible?

In this case, it actually might be rocket science.


  1.       The Thor (The Funny Friend)


This guy never fails to always be late. However, he makes up for it by bringing in optimism and does all the cheering up needed in the team. All he does is tell jokes, tease other groupmates and challenge people to lift weights as heavy as the Mjolnir itself, mid study-session (as one would). And usually like clockwork, 2 hours into the study session, the panic starts settling because he realises that he hasn’t learnt anything! 

Why is X - Y equal to 3? Can somebody explain?


  1.       The Captain America (The Responsible Friend)


Possibly the most necessary friend in every study group- the one that snaps us all back to reality, especially when the funny friend gets a little too carried away. He’s usually the logical voice out of the whole team, making sure everything is going smoothly and according to plan. He’s the one who asks the necessary questions to the smart friend, making the others jot down the notes as their lives depended on it. 


BTW, he also has to leave an hour earlier so he can pick up his little brother from tuition. We told you he’s responsible. #bigbrothergoals 


  1.       The Iron Man (The Guy with the Cool Room)


Okay now this guy- we know for sure you have someone in mind. Let’s be honest, we all have that friend who owns everybody’s dream room with an insane state-of-the-art gaming setup. With RGB lights beaming out of not only every nook and cranny of the getup, but his whole room too! Who knows, he might even have his own voice-controlled AI system running secretly. He’s just there chilling in the background, taking things one thing at a time and letting everyone use his personal hotspot like nobody’s business!


FYI, the hotspot password is Avengers4Lyf.


  1.       The Black Widow (The Quiet One)


Last but never least, the quiet friend! When you’re racking your brains trying to figure out what’s coming out for the exams, she appears with prediction papers by the best tuition centre in town! What time did she arrive? How did she even come in? Nobody knows. But one thing we do know is that she also brought extra highlighters and sparkly scented pens, enough for everyone to highlight their past papers and revision books! 


Ooh, can we borrow the yellow highlighter?


And that makes up the perfect ensemble of a team that would guarantee you’ll have the best time studying for your SPM and STPM papers soon! Psst, wanna be the cool kid and share your hotspot with everyone in the study group too?



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