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Alternate Outcomes to Avengers Endgame!

by Community Manager on ‎23-04-2019 06:18 PM


Ever since Dr Strange muttered the words “We’re in the Endgame now” and Marvel announced the title for the fourth Avengers movie, every single person on earth has been wondering, “What IS the Endgame?” What is the 1 in 14,000,605 outcome that Dr Strange saw? How are they gonna beat Thanos?

Dr strange.gif

When your mom asks who lost her Tupperware and you try to avoid eye contact.

The task seems close to impossible, since Thanos still has the Infinity Gauntlet and has the power of all 6 stones. But that hasn’t stop the internet from coming up with different theories of how the Avengers (or what’s left of them) are going to beat the mad Titan.

Here are some of our favourites. BEWARE. THERE MIGHT BE SOME SPOILERS.

1. The remaining Avengers jump into the quantum realm to travel back in time and take the Infinity Stones before Thanos manages to get his hands on them

quantum realm.gif

Woah…. Look at the colours… Trippy bro...

The quantum realm has been mentioned in both Ant-Man and Dr Strange as a dimension that makes time and space irrelevant. And one of the most popular theories in the internet-verse says that the Avengers will follow Ant-Man into the quantum realm to travel back in time! Once back in the past, they can hunt down the Infinity Stones themselves to stop Thanos from getting his gigantic purple hands on them.

Adding time travel to an already complex story might be messy, but if there’s movie studio that can pull it off, it’ll definitely be Marvel.

2. The Avenger will fight Thanos and Iron Man will use the Infinity Gauntlet himself, saving the day, thus affecting his arm in the previous movies.

Imagine if your favourite Avengers wielded the Infinity Gauntlet instead of Thanos. Picture Iron Man, the man who started it all, using the powers of the Stones to bring everyone back and beat Thanos. Now wouldn’t be a perfect farewell for him?

iron man.gif

Imagine that left hand wearing the Infinity Gauntlet.

One of the most interesting points to back up this theory is the fact that Tony’s left hand seems to always be hurting throughout the MCU movies. From the first Iron Man movie where his left hand gets hit by a tank shell, to random unintentional trembling of pains in Spider-man: Homecoming, it seems like Iron Man’s left hand is curse. Or maybe it’s destined?

Iron Man with an Infinity Gauntlet vs Thanos with an Infinity Gauntlet. Whose side are you on?

3. Those that are snapped are in a new universe where they live normal lives.

What if Thanos didn’t actually wipe out the Avengers? What if instead they got sent into another universe? Or another reality where the original Avengers never existed?

Imagine if the Avengers that were snapped went into an alternate reality where they didn’t discover (or find) their powers. Scott Lang didn’t become Ant-Man. Wakanda never showed itself to the outside world. Stephen Strange never got into an accident to become Dr Strange.

Thanos will never even need to fight them. This is the Bad Ending, but it’s still an ending nevertheless.

4. Captain Marvel HERSELF will be able to save the day by beating Thanos single handedly!


‘This isn’t about fighting wars. It’s about ending them."

What if all it took was a little old school ass-kicking from the most Marvel-ous woman in the universe?

Nick Fury’s secret weapon and last resort. The girl with the glowing hair. It seems like Captain Marvel holds the key (and powers) to beat Thanos. She has the power of the Tesseract in her, and yet we barely even saw a glimpse of her full power in the Captain Marvel movie. So does that mean she’s stronger than Thanos? Can she shoot out energy beams and lasers out of her hands? Will she shine and and strike lightning from her glowing eyes?

Will she be the one that will take the Avengers over the top?

5. Ant-Man is the secret weapon.

The ultimate sneaky character, Ant-Man can potentially sneak into Thanos’ wardrobe and… steal the gauntlet back. Ant-Man’s suit comes equipped with convenient discs that can shrink anything, so he could potentially whisk the gauntlet out with his army of ants! His whole job is being an actual thief so this is basically just like a regular Tuesday but intergalactic.


Yeap. His face says it all.

Which one do you guys think is most likely going to happen? Get ready for the #Endgame and stay connect throughout the galaxy with #FreedomToInternet! Get it here now!

by SuperUser
on ‎02-05-2019 03:55 AM

Truly amazing movie, and a spectacular end to the 11-year run of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! 

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