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Adulting 101: Things We All Need to Know!

by Community Manager on ‎20-05-2020 03:55 PM

For some students in high school, they take up to 12 subjects in their examinations, with Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Accounting and more! And while these subject does prepare them for their jobs, there are also other lessons and practical things to learn to prepare them for adulthood. Here are just a few:


1. Paying Taxes


You hear it in most money-laundering movies, people that missed or avoid paying their taxes go to jail. But none of us was actually taught how to pay them. We're just assumed to know how to do our taxes as soon as we start working. 

There are countless sources on the internet and finance portal that can teach students and even adults how to manage and pay their taxes. Just search up online and many you can get some of your money back! Smiley Wink


2. Learning about loans


You grow up and you want a new car. Or maybe even a house. But you clearly don't have enough money to pay for it. So what do you do? You get a loan. But how? What does tenure mean? How does the interest rate affect me?

Loans aren’t really that complicated once you understand it. Just head to your local bank or any online bank portal and there’ll be plenty of information for you to learn!


3. Finding a job


You've finally graduated and are out of high school or even university. What now? Time for you to get a job. But you can't just walk up to an office building and ask for an interview, can you? 

Just learning to dress well, looking up the company, creating a good resume and CV and put you ahead of the pack! Even if it's just at a restaurant as a waiter or a corporate office, it's good to know how to approach each interview.


4. Managing money


And when you earn your first paycheck, everyone wants to go shopping. To get that new dress you saw in the mall, to buy that exclusive new game that everyone's playing. Before you know it, you're trying to survive off Maggi noodles at the end of the month. 

Budgeting should be a course that all highschool students should learn, especially when they're getting an allowance from their parents so that they can start managing their finances. There are plenty of Apps that can help you manage your money so you don’t overspend, and most of the time, within those apps, there are investing tips for you to grow your income!


5. Life and health insurance


Probably the least spoken of, but most important is a person's life and health insurance. Basically, a life or health insurance is a policy or contract in which an individual receives financial support if any accidents happen. Most of us hear about insurance when your 'old friend' tried to catch up with you. But everyone should know a bit about how insurance can help protect you and your family. 


There's a lot to learn when it comes to adulthood, but everyone figures it out sooner or later.

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