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7 Cats That Represent Our Mood

by SuperUser on ‎07-08-2020 03:52 PM - last edited on ‎07-08-2020 04:04 PM by Community Manager



Anyone who has ever spent a good amount of time with cats will know that our little feline companion has all kinds of traits, from derpy and cute to sometimes unsympathetic when we try to show our love (inserts sad violin music).


But does that mean we love them any less? NEVER. In fact, cats are one of the biggest sensations online! From viral memes to posts that make you go “ngawww”, there is always a cat that we can relate to purrrfectly. Check out some of these cats that best describe us when words just aren’t enough!


Shocking Confession Cat


Ever met someone who eats nasi lemak with no sambal? Nothing else can shock us to our inner Malaysian-cores quite like this. But despite their personal preferences, we still love them to bits!


Heavy Breathing Cat


Apartment and condo owners, this one's for you. If you haven’t had the time to use the gym’s facilities, this is your “opportunity” to burn those calories. Plus, it’s a free workout!


Grumpy Cat


If you’ve felt this way on a Monday morning, you’re not alone. The weekend had gone by too fast and Grumpy Cat can’t express this any better. But turn that frown upside down folks, from family time to catching up with friends, there are many things to look forward to each day!


Woman Yelling At Cat Meme


Smart watches are cool, but once you get a reminder to go take a walk, the thought of wearing a mask in this Malaysian weather be like “maybe tomorrow…..”. Chilling at home sounds a whole lot better am I right? 


The Polite Cat


This polite cat is every single one of us at family gatherings when our aunts and uncles ask the age old question of “What are you studying now?” or maybe “Bila nak kahwin?”. You gotta conceal, don’t feel and definitely don’t show them what you’re truly feeling on the inside, so you give them this face instead!


The Siamese Supercat


Who could ever forget this kitty’s heroic attempt to jump from one building to another! While sometimes there are moments in life when things just don’t go your way, don’t feel discouraged. Get back up and try again!
PS: Don’t worry, this cat landed safely on her four paws and wasn’t harmed during the fall.


And last but definitely not the least,


The ever unforgettable Nyan cat


The ever-iconic Nyan cat, who possibly broke the internet and inspired a whole generation of new cat memes! Gone are those days where you and your friends would challenge one another to see who could listen to the magical nyans the longest! If you close your eyes and focus enough, you can still hear it nyan-ing til today!
Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan...

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