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5 Ways To Get Ready For The 11.11 Sales!

by SuperUser on ‎10-11-2020 11:37 AM

Take out your e-wallets and credit cards cause 11.11 is tomorrow! For those that don’t know (how do you NOT KNOW what 11.11 is?), 11.11 is the largest retail and online shopping sale day in the world! 

Almost all e-commerce platforms in Malaysia, including Digi, will be having huge offers and discounts on their products. If you're the type that always does their shopping last minute, you might want to check out our list of things you should do to prepare for the 11.11 sale! 


Check the offers first!


Almost all e-commerce sites have begun promoting their deals and discounts on their social pages, and as it gets closer to 11.11, you can expect to see more! Compare the prices and discounts that different sites are giving you so you can better deal! If you're the type to window-shop, you'll definitely find something interesting that you'll want to buy! 


Make a list or add to cart!

add to cart.png

If you're not sure about what to get, make a list so you won't start panicking and buying things you don't need! Smiley Wink For those that already know what they want, you can add them into your cart beforehand so all you need to do is just tap on "checkout" on the day itself. 


Make sure to check the reviews!


Always make sure to check the reviews on the products you're buying. Most e-commerce sites have their dedicated "Mall" section where everything is from retailers, but there'll also be non-verified sellers. So do make sure to read previous reviews and check the 'star' rating on the sellers. Always be careful before making an online purchase!


Compare check out prices on the day itself!


Odds are, certain sites will be giving more discounts than others, so instead of having to check it one by one, just add everything into your cart that you're looking to buy, then compare.

Here's a tip: Put everything into multiple sites carts a few days before, like Shopee and Lazada. Then on the day itself, all you have to do is pick the cheaper one and check-out! 


Make sure your internet doesn't die!


Last but not least, make sure your internet is stable. Most sites will have 'flash-sales', which are LIMITED discounted offers. You wouldn't want to be halfway checking-out, then have your internet die, missing out on a huge offer! Stay connected with Digi's high-speed internet while you shop online! 

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