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5 Unforgettable Moments That Made Us Proud To Be Malaysians

by Community Manager on ‎21-08-2020 08:43 PM - last edited on ‎28-08-2020 10:19 AM by Community Manager

Malaysia is 63 this year!


“I’m proud to be Malaysian”. Whether it’s enjoying a feast from all the different cultures or just simply showing support and love to our country, there are many heartwarming tales of unity among us that have put us in the international spotlight. As we prepare to open a new chapter to the 63rd year of independence, let’s take a look back at the times that have brought this country to the ears around this world!


2010 - Champions of the AFF Suzuki Cup


The start of the decade began with a win for our national team. Led by forward, Safee Sali, Malaysia headed into the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup tournament having missed out on the knockout stages the previous year. Playing in the finals against an Indonesia team which also hadn't won the title then, Safee scored 3 goals in 2 games to seal the win and take home the cup. 

2012 - Pandelela Rinong Makes History


When all eyes were on the Badminton events for Malaysia to secure a medal during the 2012 Olympics, a 19-year-old Pandelela Rinong made Malaysian history by becoming not only the first female Malaysian athlete to win an Olympic medal, and also the first to win an Olympic medal in any sport other than Badminton.


2016 - Ola Bola, A Story of Unity and Determination


A moment of determination and dreams that came to life, Ola Bola is inspired by the true story of our national team defying all odds to beat South Korea and reach the 1980 Olympic Games. It was a moment in Malaysian’s history that was brought to cinemas to embrace the many cultures within our country and the passion and love for football.

2017 - A Supermassive Discovery by Nur Adlyka Ainul Annuar


Inspired at the age of 13 after watching ''Armageddon'' and ''Apollo 13'', Nur Adlyka Ainul Annuar’s interests in astronomy and astrophysics led her to a path and career of science. 14 years later, as an Astrophysics PhD student, she and her team at the Physics Department of Durham University proved the existence of a Supermassive Black Hole in a far galaxy. 

2018 - Our Penang Asam Laksa takes 7th place on CNN’s The World's 50 Best Foods


One of the things that we as Malaysians can take pride of is our food and cuisine. So when CNN placed us 7th on their World's 50 Best Food list, beating some countries with more sophisticated food, you know we Malaysians know what good food REALLY is.


There are so many amazing moments that happened in the past few years. Comment below and let us know if you thought of any special ones!

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