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5 Tricks To Win As Imposter in Among Us!

by SuperUser ‎03-10-2020 10:23 AM - edited ‎03-10-2020 10:24 AM



A game of deceit, survival, and tasks. Among Us has surged in popularity online and is taking over the world one imposter at a time. 

The game is simple: A team of crewmates set out to complete assigned tasks around the map. However, there are 1-3 imposters among them with a duty to kill all crewmates onboard. It's the crewmates’ job to figure out who they are and vote them out.

With most games being 8 against 2, the crewmates win most of the time. But if you're having trouble winning as Imposter, here's a few tricks that might help you guys not seem so sus and win!

Try them out yourselves and see if you can get to that Victory screen! Start your game with Malaysia’s Largest Network here!


Vote with the crewmates


The simplest way is to always vote WITH the crewmates. It’ll spark suspicion when you vote another with no evidence, or if you skip a vote while everyone else has the same suspect. Even if it's the other imposter, always vote with the group to stay in the game.


Take advantage when the lights are out


When the game settings are default, crewmates' visibility when the lights are sabotaged is almost pitch black! Crewmates won’t be able to see anything beyond a small circle of light around them and on the other hand, the imposter’s vision is normal. If you’re an imposter, here’s your opportunity to find a group, kill one of them and leave. After that, watch as they blame each other when the lights come back on. 


Double kill on 6


When there are 6 people left and 2 of them are imposters, always try to get a double kill. As long as the number of crewmates is equal to the number of imposters, you'll always win. So stick to your other imposter, find a pair that's sticking together and go for the kill. 


Get people to vote on 4


If you've made it to the last 4 without your imposter partner, try and convince everyone to vote. Similar to the previous point, if you can get someone voted off, you're only left with 2 crewmates and yourself. Sabotage the reactor and kill one of them off when they're split at both sides. 


Shut the doors in a room with someone, but DON'T KILL


One way to gain someone's trust is to make them believe you're a crewmate. If you're together with someone through the whole round, you should be fine. But sabotage the doors while you're in a room with them and they'll most likely believe you're innocent for the rest of the game. 

See if you guys can get your wins as imposters with these tips and tricks! Stay gaming on Malaysia’s Largest Network here!


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