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5 Tips to help you focus better while at home!

by SuperUser on ‎20-11-2020 06:26 PM

The year 2020 has been a year with many changes. One of those changes include us getting to spend a lot more time at home. This meant learning to adapt to our daily lives while in the comforts of our own homes.

For most of us, that meant having to manage our work and study situations at home. Most of us can agree that it can be pretty distracting, with our comfortable beds and Netflix just calling out to us from the other room. For students, these things can be a little more distracting and may affect their focus. Here are a few tips for parents to help their kids hit the books while at home!


Find a proper place!


For students without a dedicated studying/working space, it would be good to find one or pick a spot within the house. A proper space can help set the mood for your kids and keep them laser-focused while studying! (That's why study rooms exist!) It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a proper table and chair with enough space to hold all their materials and books is good enough. And definitely try and keep them away from the computer unless it's for classes or to access e-learning platforms.


Pick the right modules.


For students, it can be pretty frustrating when there are so many different topics to study and you aren’t sure which one is more important or where to get the right lessons for them. Fret not parents and even students, there are some websites such as JomTuisyen which is an interactive online learning platform that closely follows the syllabus set by the Ministry of Education to make sure your kids are on the right track! As parents, you can get your kids to check with their teachers on their progress with lessons.

Find the specific module you want from JomTuisyen with EasyAdd by Digi here!


Set a realistic study schedule.


What do we do when there’s just too many things to cover in such a short time? This sometimes can cause students to cram their studies endlessly or pull late-nighters which can be very counterproductive. As a parent, you can help by guiding them to kick-start their week by helping them create a detailed plan for their studies and lessons. 

Even if it's a certain number of pages or a particular chapter you want them to focus on, having a study plan allows you to assess that they’ve covered all subjects to ensure that they aren’t falling behind and it helps them fully focus on one particular topic at a time. It’s fully customisable and you can definitely advise them to plan for more time with subjects that they may struggle with a little more.


Encourage proper breaks or have a reward system!


Following up from the previous point, it’s always important to plan for breaks in between work and study. Even for students, it’s important to emphasize the importance of a break to relax and make sure they don't get too exhausted or burnt out. 

Encourage them to take time to look up a question that is off-topic, or grab something to drink or a snack to re-energize. As parents, you can also create a reward system for your kids by giving short breaks for gaming or something they enjoy, provided if they’re fully committed to their study schedule and goals. Having a small reward to look forward to at the end of each session can also be very motivating!


Turn off your notifications, games and other distractions.


That means any social media, WhatsApp, gaming consoles, apps; basically anything that can possibly distract you and your kids focus from priorities that have been set. To those of us who usually instantly react to a notification on our phones, it’s time to turn on/schedule the Do-Not-Disturb mode and even more so for your kids! Whenever it’s time for them to focus, make sure that they put their phones away. If they're expecting someone to call/message you, you can tell them to set dedicated notification alerts for said contacts or apps.


Healthy body, healthy mind!


Picking up simple home exercises isn’t just about staying in shape. Guess what? It also benefits us mentally! That doesn’t mean that you or your kids need to start immediately after a workout. It just means that you can start off your day with a quick morning jog or stretches for a fresh mind to keep you laser-focused! Research suggests that short-term exercise can improve your focus for up to two to three hours by increasing blood flow to the brain! Add in a nutritious breakfast and you and your kids will be set to start the day right!


To parents with kids studying at home, you can help get them going with their studies by subscribing to an e-learning module with JomTuisyen! Following the syllabus set by Malaysia’s Ministry of Education, the platform has over 8,000 interactive videos covering more than 180 core and elective subjects in different languages! Start your subscription with EasyAdd by Digi by clicking here now! 

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