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5 Things We Love From The iPhone 12 KeyNote

by SuperUser on ‎16-10-2020 03:10 PM

The newly anticipated iPhone series of 2020 is finally here! Apple announced their all-new iPhone 12 series line-up last week and we’re all super excited to get our hands on one! The keynote happened on Wednesday morning and right after the livestream, Apple took over the top trending mentions on Twitter. So are all the predicted new features coming out as expected? 

If you didn't manage to catch it live, here's 5 things we caught from the iPhone 12 series launch.


Old design is still the best design.

It seems like the iPhone 12’s design looks a little familiar... Hmmm?


It seems as though Apple did a little throwback to their old iPhone 4/5 series and brought back the edges of those models, which in general consensus is one of the people-favorited designs among the many designs of iPhones released previously! 


A Mini iPhone!

MINI 2.png

Here’s something different from the Apple team, and it’s their latest and smallest phone! It is similar in size with the iPhone 5S. The new iPhone 12 Mini’s size was designed to make it big enough that it fits perfectly in your hands and yet everything about it is similar to the normal iPhone 12. Same processor, speed and even camera. It's so small that it's also unrecognizable in today's age where almost everyone's large screens within their phones. Small can also be just as powerful!

If you still prefer keeping your phones in all pockets, even those smaller ones, the iPhone 12 Mini's perfect for you.


No More Charger and Earphones?


You may have seen the memes and the articles all talking about it. The iPhone 12 series won't be coming along with a charger head and earphones when you purchase it this year. Apple has called it an effort to reduce carbon emissions in their bid to support being eco-friendly!

But here's the thing, Apple is also giving people the option to buy them separately. Unless you're a new Apple user, odds are you already have the charger head and earphones. So let’s think about whether we’ll be needing a new set of them!


Apple Heading Into The 5G Revolution!


The 5G race is faster than ever in 2020 and Apple is taking note of that in their iPhone 12 series lineup. Announced during the keynote, all phones will include 5G compatibility. What that means is when 5G is  finally implemented in Malaysia, all iPhone 12 devices will be able to immediately take advantage of the high-speeds and strong connectivity that comes along with it.


Colour your life!


Red, Green, Blue, Black, White, Silver, Graphite, Gold, Apple's bringing more colours than before with their iPhone 12 line-up! 

Both the iPhone 12 and 12 Mini comes in white, black, green, red and blue.

The Pro models, iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, comes in silver, graphite, gold and Pacific blue. The Pro models have a more subdued shade than the non-Pro models.


If you’re excited to get your hands on any of the iPhone 12 series models, stay tuned and get yours with Digi PhoneFreedom365!

by Member
‎21-10-2020 11:23 AM - edited ‎21-10-2020 11:23 AM


by Support
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