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5 Things We LOVE about the Note20 and Note20 Ultra

by Community Manager on ‎14-08-2020 06:05 PM

The moment we’ve all been waiting for: Samsung’s Note20 and Note20 Ultra is finally here! Last week, Samsung released their next generation in phone devices during its UNPACKED 2020 event. If you missed it, don’t worry cause we gotchu! You can check out our recap on the live event here.

The incredible features got us pretty excited, so we’re sharing it with you. From an Xbox Games Pass to a wireless file sharing service, here are a few things we love about the new Note20 and Note20 Ultra!


You're a wizard, Harry!

If you've ever wished you were in Hogwarts, the Note20 stylus can make your dreams come true with Air Actions! When it was introduced last year with the Note10, there were only a few actions that you can make. This year, they've not only added 5 new gestures that you can use, but you can even set them to do other tasks like opening a mobile app. Just a wave of the stylus and you'll be opening Whatsapp! Wingardium Leviosa!


Look at me, I'm a Director now.

Pro Grade Video.PNG

Samsung takes pride in owning the camera scene among smartphones. And this time, they've taken a step further by implementing the Pro Grade Video mode. You can now record at 8K resolution and take control of the ISO, shutter speed, FPS and more! The audio record has also been taken to the next level up, allowing you to focus on sounds from the front to the back. Time to make the next Avatar movie. Lights, camera, action!


SHARE la, I'm NEARBY anyway.


If you used to be an Apple user who switched to an Android phone, one of the biggest things that you probably miss is Apple's AirDrop feature. Fret not! Google has announced the ‘Nearby Share’ feature for Android phones. You can now share pictures, videos, documents and more even more conveniently with those around you!


More than 100 megapixels?


For reference, some of the earliest generations of smartphones only had 1 camera with just two megapixels! Fast forward 13 years later, check out the technology Samsung has injected in their new devices. They've brought that number up to 108 Megapixel, which earns the Note20 Ultra a spot as one of the best smartphone cameras!


An office in your smartphone


Microsoft Office is no stranger of an app to anyone of us. From Microsoft Word to Powerpoint, you name it and Samsung has it. With the new Note20 and Note20 Ultra, Samsung has fully integrated all of Microsoft's apps, so now you can add those finishing touches to your slides before your presentation with ease! And with the Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G’s 6.9-inch display or the Galaxy Note 20’s 6.7-inch display, it's easier than ever!


Pre-order both Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra now and put a whole new world in your pocket! Get it with Digi here now!

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