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5 Malaysian Moments We Hope Happens In The Future!

by Community Manager ‎28-08-2020 05:59 PM - edited ‎28-08-2020 06:00 PM

Celebrating Malaysia's independence by looking to the future.


Last week, we shared a few of our favourite Malaysian moments that have happened over the past ten years, from our national football team's 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup win to having our Sarawak Asam Laksa being placed 7th on CNN's ranking of World's Best Food

As we get closer to the 31st of August, we look to the future and our hopes on what might be the next big Malaysian Moment and how we see our country growing.


1. Continuous focus and support on local brands and creations.

While the COVID pandemic has taken a toll on the different businesses in the country, it has also highlighted some of our local works and creations. Their craft embraces a story that tells the world who we are, the cultures that raised us to who we are today and ignites an inspiration for us to support each other as Malaysians.

On social media, you can see different Malaysian craftsmen showcasing their crafts and their work shows. Each hand-craft shows how skillful and talented we can be. 

You can support them too by checking out Digi’s website here.


2. Our first Olympic Gold


Our first medal in the Olympic Games was in 1992 when our badminton men's double players Razif and Jalani Sidek missed out on the finals and took home the bronze. During the 2016 Olympics, our national athletes had one of their best years at the games and won 5 different medals and came close to our very first gold! With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics being pushed to next year, we may get one sooner than we think!

Nothing can truly beat those moments when we come together with our friends and family as we cheer on our Malaysian athletes through their ups and downs.


3. A Malaysian Female Prime Minister?



Jacinda Ardern. Angela Merkel. Aung San Suu Kyi. These are just some names of women who have championed their positions as the leaders of their respective countries. The idea of a female Malaysian Prime Minister is not beyond our hopes and dreams. Many of us look to our female leaders around the country, not only political but also in different sectors, as role models and people we should be looking up to. 


4. Internet Revolution!


When it comes to internet speed, Malaysia currently ranks 47th in the world, while our neighbours Singapore ranks at 7th. And it may come as a  surprise that South Korea currently ranks top of the list. With the prospects of implementing 5G technology coming in sometime in the middle of next year, we hope that the internet will soon be free and accessible for everyone!

The internet has also become a huge part of the business for the locals as they work their way into growing and expanding their business through the many different platforms available. 


5. A clean environment led by our people.


In previous years, we Malaysians have experienced a unique season called the 'Haze Season'. Our skies turn pale white, the air becomes a little more unbreathable, and if you live in a highrise condo or building, you practically can't see anything outside your window. The health and environment of our country belong not to just one party but to all of us. And it is only through our combined efforts as a country that we can make a difference and impact in cleaning this place we call home.


It may take 10 years, 20 years, or even another 63 years, but the future of our country relies on us, the people and how we make our Malaysian moments. Happy 63rd Independence Day MalaysiaI

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