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10 Things We’ve Learned From The Samsung Unpacked Event

by SuperUser ‎06-08-2020 05:53 PM - edited ‎14-08-2020 12:38 PM

It's finally here! Well, not quite yet in Malaysia, but soon!


The ‘Samsung Unpacked 2020’ yesterday showcased new products and feats not to be missed! With over 5 new devices and many new features than ever before, there's so much to be excited about. And if you're planning to rewatch the livestream, you got about 90 info-packed minutes to get through.

We've summarized the best moments for you here! Here are a few things that we picked up that will be interesting for you guys!


We can't wait for BTS's comeback!


Is the BTS comeback close? Jin, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, V, RM and Jungkook all appeared live in the ‘Samsung Unpacked’ Event showcasing the new Galaxy Z Fold 2, but all we're waiting for is their comeback album! Rumour has it that they’ll be releasing it in the middle of August so we can't wait! #BTSArmy


More and more devices each year.


Gone are the days where Apple and Samsung announce only one new phone per year. These brands have finally decided to launch a series of devices and products, like a bundle to get us excited to buy! This time, there's a whopping 7 new devices, including new earbuds, a tablet, and THREE new phones. At this point, we're wondering if there is such a thing as too much?


XBox on Note20?


Probably the most hyped-up feature for gamers, Samsung has announced their collaboration with Xbox to create the Xbox Game Pass. Put simply, it’s a cloud gaming platform that allows you to switch from your Xbox to, yes, you guessed it, YOUR PHONE. Samsung is bringing console gaming to the next level.


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4 different cameras on the Note20.


It has all of your mobile photography needs: An ultra-wide camera, wide-angle camera and telephoto camera. Oh, plus a front selfie camera, all beyond 10 megapixels. So clear, you'll be able to look into your future (Just kidding!). But seriously, the cameras on the Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra look very impressive, even by Samsung’s own camera standards.


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120Hz? That's more than some PC monitors.


For those that don't know what Hertz, or Hz, means, in short, it's the number of images displayed per second every time the monitor or screen refreshes. Certain gaming monitors can go up to 240Hz, but if you own a basic PC, you'd most likely have a 60 Hz monitor. The fact that the Note20 and Note20 Ultra have MORE than your average PC is just, amazing. The response rate of the screen is expected to be super sleek and smooth.


If you don’t believe it’s that good, pre-order it and check it out for yourself! Get it with Digi here now!


Mystical Colours, A Feast For The Eyes


Similar to the smartphone options, consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the perfect colour of their brand new device. With Mystic Black, Mystic Bronze and Mystic Silver being the main colours for almost all of the new Samsung devices, you can pick whichever that suits your taste and style. We’re eyeing that Mystic Bronze, btw.

Explore phone apps on your tab.


An interesting feature of the two new Samsung Tab S7 and S7+ is the ability to use almost all the normal apps that you have on your phone, within the tablet. While this feature isn't necessarily new, it eliminates the long process of having to download different 'pirated' or fake versions of apps within your PC or tablet if you wanted to use certain mobile apps. It seems like Samsung has worked very closely with Android to achieve this.


Beans for your ears.


Okay, just because they look like beans does not mean you can eat them. The new Galaxy Buds Live looks amazing and very sleek. With up to 6 hours of playtime, you'll feel like you never have to charge them. Perfect for running or your gym sessions. 


Nearby Share, the Samsung version of AirDrop.


Another new feature for Android phones, Google announced Nearby Share, which allows for easier file sharing among Samsung devices. Working similarly to Apple's Airdrop, all you have to do is be nearby your friends and you'll be able to instantly share files. The feature is also said to be working on certain smartphones now and will roll-out to Android 6 phones and higher soon.


The Fold is back.


It first arrived last year. There were a few issues - the broken screen, the loose hinge, and others that a majority of the sold devices had to be recalled. But now it's back, refreshed and better: the new Galaxy Z Fold 2. Now thinner with a smaller gap in between the screens, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 looks undeniably promising. With more details to come on September 1st, we are pretty excited about it!


There’s a lot more in the event itself and if you missed out, you can watch the whole event on YouTube here:


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