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Digi 4G LTE just got WIDER! :D

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Digi just got better with 4G LTE! Connected more people in Malaysia with 4G LTE!

Seamless Internet experience for more people at an affordable price! Much less people will prefer a cheap and slow internet now! *shhhhhh* Man Wink

Ok, stop poking tat doge, and come back to me please. Man Wink

So we bunch of Digi Superusers, got invited to do some series of network test at D'House. We still had no clue what they will ask us to do.


Yup, thats Albern Murty, the Digi's Chief Executive Officer, on Skype in the big screen.

Mission is to locate him, and hunt him down! Of course ALIVE lar. :d

How? Sort of like "Amazing Race", you get to use apps like Digi Music Freedom, Capture app, Skype, Whatsapp to finish your missions.

Complete all task with DiGi 4G LTE network, if you passed them all, you will get the GPS coordinates, of course in a team!

These are the six teams!

Meet my team - Team Green! (Yup, they're really A-W-E-S-O-M-E!)

Here's the first task, while we're on our way to our first destination, we received instruction from Whatsapp, we need to take pictures together with a smiley they sent, and look like it! (sorry, no picture.... to excited....)

Then we need to take pictures of all these, and upload to the cloud with CAPTURE app AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!

Then we answered some pretty hard BONUS QUESTIONS! It's 'EASY', we got them all right! (Thanks Larry Page and Sergey Brin)

And with these network consistancy from Digi 4G LTE, NO PROBLEMO!

Smiley Very Happy


First destination - Lorong Seratus Tahun, Authentic Penang Crusine!

We can't get down just yet, 2nd task is to guide one of us, blind-folded, using just a phone on Skype, straped onto his chest, only us guide him into the restaurant, to serve a beautiful lady an aromatic hot coffee! (sorry, no photo here.... all got too excited here.)

Then we got a "guess-the-food" challenge. Blind-folded too....
it's not even a challenge for our Malaysian's tongue!

to be continue....

I'm a Potato. If you're too, hit the "This is helpful" button for no reason pls? :-3

Re: Digi 4G LTE just got WIDER! :D

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Posts: 136
Registered: ‎15-04-2015

then we passed all test! And we're on our way to the final destination to hunt down Albern Murty!

Here's Albern Murty on stage!


Here're of the annoucements for Digi 4G LTE,
- 50% population coverage nationwide.
- In 28 Major cities & secondary towns, with average 80% population coverage in these key market centres.
- More then 6000KM of fibre roled out by the end of 2015.
- 2 times the site rolled out for 2015, adding more then 1500 sites by end of 2015.



Kesavan Sivabalan - Chief Network Officer (left),
Albern Murty - Chief Executive Officer (middle),
Christian Thrane - Chief Marketing Officer (right)

And the game result announced, EVERYBODY GOT TO WIN SOMETHING!  TP-Link 4G LTE-ADVANCE Mobile Mifi!

Here's another team winning the runner-up prize! Asus Zenfone 2!



WE WON THE GRAND PRIZE! Huawei Honor 6! *image courtasy from Digi*

Here are all the awesome digizens in the game!


Then there goes a lil crazy party there...




And I'll conclude this with the photo of us, the Digi Superusers after the event.


and here's me with Digi CEO. Man Tongue

Overall, It's HELLA FUN! We get to test out the network while doing it in a fun way!


Like always, Digi - Let's Inspire!

I'm a Potato. If you're too, hit the "This is helpful" button for no reason pls? :-3

Re: Digi 4G LTE just got WIDER! :D

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Once I am indoor, Digi signal almost reach zero. This issue hapen recently ~ October. I had check with several Digi users in my office. All of them having the same signal issue. My Location is at Sungai Wei Free Trade Zone. Most of the time I am disconnected from Data. Previously i am getting at least 3.5G. Similar issue also happen in Subang Jaya SS14. Even I put my phone right beside windows the signal is weak all the time. (Around 1-2 bar) Sometimes show limited services.


Re: Digi 4G LTE just got WIDER! :D

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Registered: ‎02-12-2015

Hye Digi,


Saya baru upgrade sim saya ke sim 4G/LTE.. 

bila saya setting untuk guna 3G je.. connection OK

tp bila saya tukar setting ke LTE.  terus xde connection.. 


Saya guna iPhone 5s

Saya tinggal di Area Bandar Melaka