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Digi 4G LTE Network Test @12th October 2015

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Registered: ‎15-04-2015

Well Hi everyone. It's me again Smiley Tongue... Ok this is actually my 2nd time joining Digi Network test. The last one that happened was last year (can't remember when) and it's totally different from the one that they organized this year @ 12th October 2015.

Venue is same as usual which is at Digi HQ. This time around, we are joined by few superusers from the community forum and also bloggers (which some of them i recalled appeared for last year event too). While waiting for others to arrive, we all actually "lepak" at digi eat@. Asual, superuser @philippecr is always last to arrive Smiley Tongue. Once everyone is here, we all went to gather at Studio. Over there, all of us are split into 6 different groups. I was designated to group Powerful Purple (i think o_O... can't recall) which consist of me Cat Tongue, chiefchapree Smiley Surprised(yes, the famous one from Lowyat.net and was in the same group with him last year) followed by Kesavan Sivabalan - Chief Network Officer Smiley Surprised, Sivakumar - Network and lastly someone from the blogger group (sorry i forgotten your name Cat Sad,do message me if you see this) This time around, instead of typical speedtest, we have to do it in a different way, a.k.a amazing race style, main purpose it to find Digi CEO (Albern Murty)whereabout. Few applications are used/required in this game. 

1. Skype

2. Digi Music Freedom 

3. Capture 

4. Whatsapp


All of us get to travel in a Van Smiley Tongue


First stop: Caltex Glenmarie. Task, answer 10 question via Skype. Connection was consistent and we all manage to answer it quickly and that includes the last bonus question Smiley Tongue. All thanks to Digi 4G LTE connection, using Google to grab the answer was pretty much easy Smiley Very Happy.


Second Stop: Tropicana City Mall. Few task here, first was to identify 6 songs (Sadly we only manage to get 4 out of 6 Smiley Sad ) and also sample food. Where we had to sample food? Razuken.


And of all, I was the one who had spoonful of Wasabi. (First one was toufu, followed by wasabi and lastly watermelon) And all of us manage to answer it fast too. Before we left to our last destination/venue, when we was about to reach the sprint highway toll, we noticed we are so fast, we actually left our Game Master there @ Rakuzen (can't blame, he was busy chitchatting with the leng lui and we thought he did indeed went into the van di) On the way to the last destination, we are also required to take photos of 10 different items.


Third Stop:Ruang Shah Alam (we only get this coordinate after completing the second task.) Yay, and we are the first to arrive here. Muahaha, most likely it's due to we actually left our Game Master there Smiley Tongue. We had some refreshments and food while waiting for the other teams to arrive. Once everyone is here, Albern Murty (Digi CEO) actually made an announancementSmiley Very Happyigi 4G LTE currently have 50% population coverage nationwide througout 28 major cities and secondary towns (with an average of 80% population coverage in key market centres. Apparently more than 6600km of fibers were used Smiley Very Happy After the announcement, they actually announced the winner for the game. Everyone won something in the end. The other teams actually goes back with a TP-LINK M7350 4G LTE MiFi Device while second prize goes back with a Asus ZenFone 2 and first prize goes back with a Huawei Honor 6. 


Got no 2, better than nothing Smiley Tongue.. (must be due to the 2 songs... Nooooooo)


Overall it's a great experience to actually participate in this event. It's totally unexpected that Digi actually made this into a game while also testing out the network at the same time.


p/s: Lack of photos as we are lacking of time Smiley Tongue... Please visit @philippecr's thread for more images Smiley Tongue

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