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4G LTE Test Experience

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Registered: ‎17-08-2015

During the week, I was invited to test out Digi's 4G LTE coverage. I thought that it would be just running the SpeedTest around the Klang Valley. Turns out Digi had a surprise for us, and we ended up solving puzzles ala Amazing Race Style with heavy reliance on Network Data speed and consistency.


The main apps used were Digi Music Freedom, Skype,  Capture, Whatsapp, as well as tons of Google searches.



My team was assigned to head to Dal.Komm Coffee in Uptown Damansara. On the journey from Shah Alam to the cafe and back, We had to make skype video calls, upload photos taken to the Connect Cloud, as well as googling tonnes of quiz questions (e.g. what year was Digi formed?*) all while in the Van. Throughout the journey, the 4G LTE network connection was stable and our video calls went without a hiccup. The only complaint is that the phone supplied to us had a soft loudspeaker, so we couldn't hear the Instructions 100% (Should've gotten a phone with nice front facing speakers *cough* HTC *cough*, but thats another topic...)


These were the only photos I took. (the game we had to play in Dal.Komm Coffee)

  • We had to blindfold a volunteer, and supply him with instructions through a skype video call so that he can serve coffee to a lovely lady. ( i promise that wasn't the only reason why i took photos Smiley Wink)


Our blindfolded volunteer, with a phone strapped on his chest with a Skype video call so that we can see and direct him over the call.



Lovely lady waiting for her coffee. No smiles because no coffee.




Alright, no spills, no tripping. Our instructions over skype are awesome =D



Coffee(served by instructions over Digi 4G LTE) = Happy Girl



To make pretty girls happy, you can rely on Digi LTE 4G!!

Alright, alright... besides that, Digi has shown me that it has awesome coverage of 4G LTE around the Klang Valley and Malaysia with consistent speeds. Well Done !!!!


*Answer = Digi was formed in 1995.

Re: 4G LTE Test Experience

Community Manager
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Registered: ‎20-04-2015

Wow, who is this pretty lady? Part of Digi or Digi community? Smiley Very Happy

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