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4G LTE Speed Test and stability

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Registered: ‎20-08-2015

Was invited to test Digi's 4G LTE network last week. Woke up early and arrive Digi HQ to meet up with other testers and Digizens. After the briefing and introduction we were split into 6 teams which consists of a blogger, Digi Superusers, journalist and Digi executives.


Digi was known for its freebies and value for money plans among my peers, however we always doubt its stability and coverage. It was to the extent that I did not even bother to enable 4G on my phone to ensure network consistency and battery saving purpose.


So today, we are going to clear the doubts. We are going to locate Digi's CEO Albern's secret hideout. To achieve this, we have to go through various challenges to obtain the coordinates of the hideout . Below are some of the challenges we have to go through.


1. Answer general questions using Skype video call in a moving vehicle.

2. One of our teammate was blind folded and we had to guide him to serve a drink to a customer. We had to use Skype video call which will records his surrounding to ensure he does not fall off and complete the challenge.

3. Guess 6 song titles played by a band which were sent from Whatsapp video. We then have to match the song accordingly using Digi's Music Freedom

4. Capture various photo while on the hunt for the secret hideout and upload to Telenor's Capture app within given time frame.


The key to all these challenges is to have a stable and fast network. I am surprised as there were no downtime and 4G LTE was consistently available. There were no lags for Skype video calls, music was streaming without interruption and photo upload to Capture was almost instantaneous.


From their press briefing, we can see that Digi is committed to improve on their coverage and network speed for 4G LTE. Digi has targeted for 50% population coverage in 28 major cities and secondary towns by adding more than 1,500 sites by end of 2015. Guess for now onward I will enable  4G settings in my phone.


Now some of you might think that the coverage is strong since we are testing the network within Klang Valley. Hence, my next test site will be in East Malaysia,Kota Kinabalu. Stay tuned.

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