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bad coverage

Posts: 1
Registered: ‎15-12-2017

hi digi,


digi coverage at my office really bad.

no internet at all when enter office. 

can your side take an action to solve this problem.


*my office at Kuchai Business Centre






Re: bad coverage

Super Contributor
Posts: 294
Registered: ‎02-06-2015

hi i have had the same experience as you. This happens since 2017.  We  move to kuchai business center in 2016, then having 900mhz spectrum refarming, since then, no call/connection for digi at certain location inside the building

or even i am siting next to the window, there is miss call/call never ring/no /slow internet connection/ or message never deliver due to  poor digi network.

i raised the issues to digi for numerous and promised to have new towner/new substation and etc, but end up, NOTHING.

digi had been given deadline and deadlien to promise the issues be resolved, but NEVER. until i got a poor performance review due to poor communication with the superior, as whatsapp never deliver ontime or call drop without ringing

end up, i have to change my job.   Digi may not see this.

but this is happening.


now i am facing same problem again at my house. NO action by digi despite all the promises.


No rewards, no compensation but only promised and failed to deliver by digi.


digi never appreciate customer, you MNP,  you are just one of millions customer.....this is the fact.

but in fact, we been paying xxxxx thousand to digi for past 20 years, image, one month billing is about rm200-500 for the past 20 years.


so if you think, this affect your life/ pls utilise all channels to raise your comments, and Digi, pls  reply and ACTION