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Stop annoying caller

Posts: 4
Registered: ‎29-01-2016

Hi, I suspected  someone sold my Digi phone number to other 3rd party martketing company. Recently I have been receiving tons of unknown calls and phone numbers from KL (03). These phone numbers call, after I answer they immediately  drop the call without a making a sound. Followed by these annoying calls from KYK water filter promoting Mines resort and giving free hotel vouchers and all those bull**bleep**. Number by number I have block but they keep calling back with different numbers. Please advise if Digi can do anything about this . 


Re: Stop annoying caller

Super Contributor
Posts: 230
Registered: ‎02-06-2015

not use how can digi help us, if yes, i wish to know also.


but i did use some app before  like whoscall, in blocking unwanted call/sms.

even they  call us, the app can alert you and tell u who is calling  us, so far so good, u can have a try.


sometimes, u can ask caller to provide your details to you to let you to validate, instead of them know all your details since we dont know the identity of the calls sometime.   From there you can know how they can get your number if they  let u know, and also u can mention about the personal data protection act. sometime it  is work for this 2 method. calls from unknown party really reduce.   hope this help.

Re: Stop annoying caller

Posts: 20
Registered: ‎20-11-2016
Hi fadly...i agree with ur solution...u can use 3rd party application to block this nuisance call..mine also kena like this...im using truecaller app...maybe u can try this way

Re: Stop annoying caller

Posts: 1,084
Registered: ‎01-12-2016

Hi DanielChing, 


We regret to inform that under the Personal Data Protection Act policy, we are unable to block others number if you are not the registered owner. Smiley Sad



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