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Prep for the Holidays!

Posts: 17
Registered: ‎04-12-2017

There's a long weekend coming up, and the festivities are already starting. While you're preparing to spend time with family and loved ones, don't forget to double-check a few easily forgettable but important items!


1. Sunscreen

banana boat

Do you have your bottle of sunscreen ready to go? You'll probably be out and about more often so don't get a nasty burn!


2. Toothbrush


In the midst of packing everything else, sometimes we forget the simplest thing. Double check your toiletries!


3. Departure schedule


It's better to mark down the departure time of your travels if you will be travelling further from home. Try not to rush and give yourself adequate time to get to places!


Have a safe and happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Re: Prep for the Holidays!

Posts: 141
Registered: ‎17-07-2016

For me, it would be my MacBook and Powerbanks! 🤣

Re: Prep for the Holidays!

Community Manager
Posts: 7,405
Registered: ‎20-04-2015

That is very true, to bring powerbank. You wouldn't want to miss your friends' instagram stories and also miss photography moments when you're doing CNY lao sang. Smiley Very Happy

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