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MEC Showdown Registration & FAQs

by Community Manager ‎19-08-2018 10:40 PM - edited ‎19-08-2018 10:44 PM

MEC Showdown

Attention to all  Mobile Legend gamers!


MEC Showdown is officially open for registration now!

What is MEC Showdown?

MEC Showdown is a very first online Mobile Legend international tournament in Malaysia with both professional and rookie teams battle it out in their respective brackets before facing each other in the final showdown. Both Digi and MC Donald Malaysia will be sponsoring this unique and thrilling tournament that  will be held from 28th  to 30th of September 2018. All teams from both brackets will be battle to win a total of RM50,000 cash prize pool.

What are you waiting for?! Form your team to win the battle now!


MEC Showdown FAQs:

Q1: Who can participate in the MEC Showdown?

A1: Registration will be on a first come first serve basis and open to everyone.  Every player  can only register and play for 1 team. The quota for each countries are as follows:
Malaysia = 40 teams
Singapore= 12 teams
Indonesia = 12 teams


Q2: How do I participate in the MEC Showdown?

A2: Registration can be done here.  Please do read the terms and conditions in the registration form carefully before registering.


Q3: What are the prizes of the MEC Showdown?

A3: Winners will be awarded with cash prizes according to the placement below:

Professional Teams
First Place: RM15,000
Second Place: RM8,000
Third Place: RM5,000
Fourth Place: RM3,000
Fifth & Sixth Place: RM2,000


Rookie Teams
First Place: RM4,000
Second Place: RM2,000
Third & Forth Place: RM1,000


Bonus Cash Prize


Q4: Where do I find out more about MEC Showdown?

A4: You can visit here for more info and updates of MEC Showdown.