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Digi Rantau PhoneFreedom 365 FAQs

by Community Manager on ‎29-04-2019 11:58 AM - edited on ‎02-10-2019 10:11 AM by Community Manager

Digi Rantau PhoneFreedom 365 Faqs


1. Who can participate in the Digi Rantau PhoneFreedom 365 contest?

All new subscribers to Digi PhoneFreedom 365 subscriptions residing in Malaysia are eligible to participate in this contest except for the following:-

i.   permanent, contract and temporary employees of Digi and their immediate family members

ii. employees of Digi’s partners, advertising, promotion agencies and any other persons involved in organizing, promoting and/or conducting this Contest together with their immediate family members

iii. Digi Enterprise subscribers including Corporate, Corporate Individual (CI) and Personal Corporate Individual (PCI)


2. How do I participate in the contest?

Sign-up to a new PhoneFreedom 365 subscription or upgrade to a PhoneFreedom 365 subscription (for existing Digi customers) during the campaign durations as follows.  You are then automatically entered into the contest.


4th October 2019 – 10th October 2019


4th October 2019 – 10th October 2019


4th October 2019 – 10th October 2019


4th October 2019 – 10th October 2019


4th October 2019 – 10th October 2019


4th October 2019 – 10th October 2019


3. If I have multiple lines with Digi, can I opt-in to the contest multiple times?

Yes, all new PhoneFreedom 365 subscriptions will be automatically entered into the contest. However, each individual winner may only win one (1) prize.


4. How do the entries count?

Entries are automatically entered once criteria of plan sign-ups are met.


5. Do I have to do anything to submit an entry for each qualifying transaction made?

No, entries are automatically generated based criteria mentioned in point 2 as above.


6. Is there a limit to the number of prizes I can win?

You can only win one (1) prize regardless of the number of entries. However, more entries give you a higher chance of winning!


7. How will I know if I am one of the lucky winners? And how will I receive my prize?

Winners will be announced in July 2019 and will be notified personally via a call from Digi.

You will then be given an option to collect the prize at the Digi HQ or appointed Digi Stores/offices.


8. Will Digi provide support for any defects with my prize?

For physical prizes, you will need to revert to the product supplier for support on any defects. Digi will not be held accountable for the goodies once they have been properly handed over to you.


9. I am an existing customer and I downgraded my plan, am I eligible?

No, you are not eligible.


10. If I sign up a smartphone bundle or any other device bundle, am I eligible?

Only PhoneFreedom 365 device subscription bundles are eligible. Any other device bundles are not eligible.


11. I am an existing subscriber, how do I participate in this contest?

You will need to upgrade your current plan to a PhoneFreedom 365 device subscription.


12. I have submitted a request to port-in during the campaign durations but my line only successful ported in after it had ended, will my participation be counted?

Yes, you are eligible as long as you have met all other criteria. A 7-day grace period for port-ins will be taken into account.


13. If my line has outstanding bill payment/barred/suspended, am I still eligible to participate and win the prize for the contest?

No, you are required to ensure that your bill payment is updated during the participation to the contest and any selected winners are required to ensure that you do not owe Digi in any outstanding bill and the lines remain active and not barred or suspended.