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Year-End Digi Fibre Deals You Don't Want to Miss!

by Community Manager on ‎03-12-2020 02:48 PM - edited on ‎15-03-2021 05:49 PM by Community Manager

Digi Fibre 


Want to own an Ultra-Fast Unlimited Fibre Plan for you and your family? Unleash the power of fibre when you sign up for one of our Digi Fibre Plans with Malaysia’s Largest Network! Choose from a list of plans catered to any household and get additional mobile lines with unlimited Internet and calls for as low as RM60/month! Check out the plans available for this promo below:


Offer Plan

Offer Details

Offer Rates

Digi Fibre 130

100Mbps Unlimited Internet


Digi Fibre 190

500Mbps Unlimited Internet


Digi Fibre 270

800Mbps Unlimited Internet


Digi Fibre 290

1Gbps Unlimited Internet


Digi Mobile Broadband


Stream, surf and play with Digi’s All-Access Unlimited WiFi Pass. For the month of December, all Digi Broadband sign-ups will receive a RM240 rebate! If that’s not enough, subscribers who sign-up for Broadband Monthly 65 or 105 via Digi Stores and Digi Store Express are also eligible for FREE MobiFi for a whole year! Check out our plans available for this promo:


Offer Plan

Internet Quota

Monthly Rate Plan 

Broadband Monthly 45

Base: 15GB

Streaming Only: 10GB

Principal line: RM45/month

Supplementary line: RM40/month

Broadband Monthly 65

Base: 30GB

Streaming Only: 20GB

Principal line: RM65/month

Supplementary line: RM55/month

Broadband Monthly 105

Base: 60GB

Streaming Only: 40GB

Principal line: RM105/month

Supplementary line: RM95/month


Terms and Conditions

1/ The promo period for Digi Fibre starts from 1 December 2020 till 17th February 2021 for Digi Store Online, and 23 February 2021 at Digi Stores and Digi Store Express.

2/ The promo period for Digi Mobile Broadband starts from 1 December 2020 till 17th February 2021 for Digi Store Online, and 28 February 2021 at Digi Stores and Digi Store Express.

3/ This promo is applicable for all activation types

4/ This offer is only available in-store nationwide via MSA and is required to be selected by our Digi staff directly.

5/ This offer is applicable for SIM only and with device contract

6/ Rebate will be credited into customers’ bill over 12 months (RM20 x 12 months) and is not applicable with any other promotional rebates except for Senior Citizen/OKU offers.



Q1. Where can I sign up for these offers?

A1. Just walk into any Digi Stores or Digi Store Express to sign up during the promotional period.


Q2. Are these offers applicable to all Postpaid Broadband plans?

A2. No, this offer is applicable to all sign-ups in Digi Broadband Monthly 45, 65, and 105 principal and supplementary plans during this promo period. 


Q3. How long can I enjoy the rebate offer on my Postpaid Broadband plan?

A3. Upon sign-up, you will enjoy an RM20 rebate monthly for 12 months when you stay on the plan.


Q4. Do I have to pay any rate plan advance payment when I sign-up?

Yes, a one-month rate plan advance payment is applicable for all new sign-ups.


Q5. Will I be tied to any contract due to this rebate?

A5. No, there is no contract


Q6. Can I sign up for auto-billing and enjoy a 5% discount off my monthly total bill for 6 months?

A6. Yes, only first-time customers who sign-up with any Visa/Mastercard/Amex for auto-billing can enjoy the discount. New Mastercard auto-billing customers are eligible to get the RM50 Digi Store online voucher during the Mastercard campaign period till 11.59pm on 28 February 11.59pm.


Q8. Can I sign-up for a device contract with this rebate?

A8. Yes, you can sign-up for a device contract and still enjoy this rebate.

FAQ for FREE MobiFi

Q1. Who is eligible for the Free MobiFi?

A1. Any subscriber that owns a Postpaid Principle Plan (Mobile or Broadband) and signs-up for wither Digi Monthly Broadband 65 (Supplementary) or Digi Monthly Broadband 105 (Supplementary) during the promo period will be eligible for the free MobiFi.


Q2. Which MobiFi is eligible for this promo?

A2. Both TP-Link M7350 (while stocks last( and the latest Digi MobiFi Huawei E5577-321 are entitled for the Free MobiFi promo.


Q3. What is the contract period?

A3. The contract period is for 12 months.


Q4. If I’ve already signed-up with either Digi Monthly Broadband 65 (Supplementary) or Digi Monthly Broadband 105 (Supplementary), will I be eligible for the Free MobiFi?

A4. If you’re under a contract, you are not eligible for the Free MobiFi. If you’re not under a contract, you’re entitled for the Free MobiFi by signing-up with a 12-months contract.


Q5. If I terminate my MobiFi contract within the contract period, how much do I need to pay for early termination charges?

A5: For Broadband Monthly 65 and 105 (Supplementary) users, there will be a penalty charge of RM200 for administrative fee and RM9 for each month remaining in the 12-month contract.