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New Digi Broadband plans with upgraded quota from as low as RM30!

by SuperUser on ‎23-10-2018 09:23 AM - edited on ‎23-10-2018 10:17 AM by Community Manager

Hey Subscribers! We are upgrading our broadband so get ready to enjoy more internet for your home!

We’re got all new rates and quotas for new and existing members, starting from the 23rd of October:

Postpaid Broadband

Now, you get to enjoy plans from as low as RM45 a month! Plus, you'll also get to stream more than 35 different entertainment channels with no speed cap.


Check out our latest offers available for Digi Postpaid broadband below:



If you're an existing Digi Broadband Postpaid user, your total quota for your plan will be upgraded starting from the 23rd of October 2018 onwards once your bill cycle is refreshed on any of these dates (subjected to your subscription): 1st, 8th, 12th, 16th, and 21st every month. You also get to enjoy RM5/RM10 off for Life when you sign up for Postpaid Broadband Supplementary Lines!


Prepaid Broadband

Digi Broadband Prepaid users, there are plans from as low as RM30 monthly just for you! You can also stream more than 35 different entertainment channels with no speed cap too.


Check out our newest offers available for prepaid broadband below:



For existing Digi Broadband Prepaid subscribers, upgrade to Digi Home Broadband  and you'll get your quota upgraded when you subscribe to the new monthly internet plan. Click here to find out more.


So get ready to enjoy and have fun with your new broadband plans!



Q1. When will existing Digi Broadband customers start enjoying the quota upgrade?
A1. Customers will enjoy the quota upgrade from 23rd October 2018 onwards depending on customers’ bill cycle or internet plan renewal.


Q2. What will happen to my current subscription?
A2. Customers will experience a new upgraded quota.


Q3. How can I check my quota balance and data usage?
A3. Customer can check their quota balance & data usage via MyBB portal at digi.my/mybb.


 Q4. I would like to enquire on the quota adjustment, who can I ask?
A4. Customers can call the Digi Helpline at 0162211800 to find out about the new quota that they will enjoy.


Q5. Would I have to pay more for the quota upgrading?
A5. No, customers will pay either the same fee or cheaper fee with the new upgraded quota.


Q6. Is there any contract for the quota upgrading?
A6. No, customers do not have any contract for the quota upgrading.


Q7. Do I have to opt-in for the quota upgrading?
A7. No, customers will automatically enjoy the new quota when the customer's bill is refreshed or when their internet plan is renewed.

by Member
on ‎04-11-2018 12:29 PM

Hye. I'm using postpaid broadband RM45 monthly. Is my plan also included to enjoy this new plan 2018? Currently the plan I'm using is 5 GB (as shown in Digi Apps) and the remain quota after I used it is 4.7GB.

by Staff
on ‎09-11-2018 05:06 PM



Thank you for your query. You are currently under the legacy Broadband 45 plan which to be upgraded to the Broadband 45 with 8GB quota. However, you may opt to COP to the latest Broadband Monthly 45 at any Digi Store or call Digi Helpline to enjoy 25GB Quota (10GB Base + 15GB Streaming).


Best Regards