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Work from Home

by SuperUser on ‎27-07-2021 05:32 PM


Image credit: https://itchronicles.com/what-is-wfh/

Fast forward to second year of Covid-19, some companies have started to shift their mode of operations to give their employees the flexibility to WFH permanently.

Companies finally understood their employees can also be productive when not in office. Employees can cut off the unnecessary commuting, we are less distracted which leads to increased productivity. We have lesser interruption and quieter working environment at home also helps in increasing productivity.

No doubt one of the best things about WFH is the better work-life balance. We have the control over our working hours and can spare time to run errands, exercise and many more tasks which may not be possible if we are in office.

WFH also can save money, provided you don’t spend too much time on online shopping. 😂 Petrol, car maintenance, transportation, parking fees, clothes, lunches and coffee bought out and more can all be reduced or eliminated from your spending entirely. These savings add up and put more money back into your pocket. Savings not only for the employees, companies also save if employees WFH. As more and more companies allow employees to continue WFH post-pandemic like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Nokia, to name just a few, they are seeing this as long-term cost savings. For instance, overheads and real estate costs can be significantly saved.

WFH seems to give positive impacts to most of the employees but one of the challenges is setting up our home office. Before pandemic, we may not consider having a proper workspace at home that is conducive and ergonomic. Conducive workspace also includes stable Internet connectivity, which is the ultimate essential. Without Internet connection, WFH can never happen. Fortunately, in Malaysia we are spoiled with many choices and one of my preferred choices is of course Digi Fibre; it is ultra-fast, unlimited and it gives bigger savings. Digi Fibre offers 50Mbps, 100Mbps, 300Mbps, 500Mbps, 800Mbps and 1Gbps, there must be one plan that suits you and your family. Not only that, as Digi postpaid customers, you will have a rebate ranging from RM15 to RM30 per month depending on the postpaid plans you subscribe to. If you are already a Digi postpaid customer and currently have a fibre connection at home, you should consider switching to Digi Fibre. After all, at the end of the day you lose nothing but gain savings, so why not? Head over to  Digi Fibre page to understand more. 😁


Besides Internet, ergonomic furniture is also essential, you may have seen everyone rushed to buy furniture for their home office when we were facing lockdown last year. I’m sure you will remember this news from our Southern neighbour. People started checking online for ergonomic chairs and one shall invest for a proper chair for your health sake. We spend long hours at a desk that can lead to back or neck pain if we do not sit with good posture. In long term, this can cause serious health complications. This is where ergonomic chairs play a role, they help to adjust your body from top to bottom while providing comfort. Refer here to get some recommendations. 


Image credit: https://gfycat.com/

Internet checked. Ergonomic chair checked. Time to make your WFH livelier. I’m not a coffee lover, in fact I cannot drink due to caffeine allergy, but I always see others’ Instagram stories and posts with freshly brewed coffee nicely placed next to their working laptop. For the love for coffee, I have seen my friends spending time grinding coffee beans before brewing coffee and I noticed few of them even mastered latte art during this pandemic. 😦I won’t be surprised if coffee machine is one of the essentials during WFH, especially for the coffee addicts.


Image credit: https://twitter.com/coffeelifenow

As for me, I needed a good pair of earphones for my online meetings as I usually take calls from my laptop, iPhone and iPad. I surveyed around and there are many great choices out there. Eventually I got myself AirPods Pro and my experience with this pair of earphones has been great, it produces crisp and clear sound for my meetings. I also use it for running which pairs perfectly with my Apple Watch 6 that powered with Digi AirSIM, by the way running is a new activity I adopted since WFH. 😅 I also have couple of friends who bought portable extended monitor for their WFH which is a Godsend especially when working on Excel files. I do think it is a good idea considering the reasonable price and it also makes a good gaming accessory for my Nintendo Switch.


Image credit: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jonmichaelpoff/new-airpods-pro

WFH may bring advantages in many ways, however they are two sides of the same coin, so there are disadvantages as well. I miss the physical interaction I have with my colleagues, yes we still meet online but it gives me a total different feeling when I get to meet them face-to-face for collaboration or lunch breaks. My acquaintances told me that they have been working longer hours unintentionally when they are at home, this is not a good sign as one will face burnout if doing it long term. In fact, companies are aware about this issue and has been a concern among many employers, internal activities are arranged to help employees from facing burnout. Thus, it is always good to take short breaks in between your working hours and know when to stop working.

I believe we need a balance in everything, the best working arrangement in my opinion is having a hybrid workplace where employees can work from home and office. By doing this, one can still enjoy the flexibility working from home without sacrificing physical collaboration. 


Image credit: https://hbr.org/2021/02/making-the-hybrid-workplace-fair

by SuperUser
on ‎27-07-2021 06:30 PM

yeah everything got its pro and cons

i supposed to save $$ but the monthly shopee sales also make me unable to do so... 

by Support
on ‎29-07-2021 06:29 PM

We feel u, moniqee Smiley Wink

by SuperUser
on ‎26-08-2021 10:42 AM

i have to say, for me... most of the things stayed the same. i mean, besides not physically in office, i've usually just stayed at home anyway. 

but yeah, coffee... i ended up getting myself a grinder and french press. but i'm still learning when it comes to coffee. so much to learn. so many to taste! Smiley Happy


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