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The Evolution of Pokémon in Gaming

by SuperUser on ‎27-02-2018 05:44 PM - last edited on ‎03-08-2020 02:15 PM by Community Manager

No matter your age, the Pokémon franchise is so impactful  that you are bound to have played at least one variant of its games.


Let’s take a stroll down memory lane. How many of these instances of Pokémon have you played before?


Gameboy Games

For most of first generation of gamers, the classic 16-bit version will have been the introduction point to this awesome product. “I want to be the very best!” had each avid Pokémon trainer are glued to their Gameboy screens exploring the world not as Ash Ketchum, but as themselves.


Pokémon on Game Boy Color
Pic from Gstatic


Starting from 1996, each iteration deepened the Pokémon lore as well as widening the horizons of more and more Pokémon being discovered. From the cute, cuddly ones like Chansey to the far-fetched ones like… Farfetch’d.


Moar Pokémon on Game Boy
Pic from CDNA Artstation

If you have not experienced the awesomeness that is the Game Boy versions of these RPGs, we'd say, you must! There are options for emulators all over the internet but do try tio avoid pirated versions. 



Pokémon Trading Card Game


Customise your own deck of cards and become a Pokémon trainer battling other individual trainers! These cards range from Pokémon cards, energy cards to power-up your Pokémon, and action cards to put either player at an advantage or disadvantage during a match. Does it sound like a challenge? You won’t believe how complex the professionals’ decks can be!


Pokémon Trading Card Game

Pic by Narvii


Just like other trading card games, the value of each of these Pokémon cards can vary depending on how useful and/or how rare they are. If you have not seen a shrine of precious Pokémon cards, this the the avenue to do so.

The original 151 Pokémon Cards
Pic by magichael

If you have not experienced what it’s like battling in a Pokémon Gym, this is the avenue for you to try! Players and Pokémon trainers from all over town would usually gather at a local comic store and spend hours on end to win more and more battles. The more battles you win, the more points you will get to eventually earn you an audience with your local Gym Leader.


A real Pokémon Trading Card Game tournament!

Pic by Redbull

Pokémon Go


Thanks to this installment in the Pokémon universe, nearly everyone who has a smartphone has experienced the complexity of this fantasy world. You get the familiar sounds and actions of catching Pokémon even in your backyard and really moving around in the real world to collect items as well as to expand your Pokédex.


 A wild Onix appeared!



Now that these Pokémon trainers are out and about, they get to meet other trainers and share tips while getting a good walk to burn off those hours only facing their phones. Not a bad trade-off, right?

Fun Fact

While many Pokemon’s names draw inspiration from real-life animals and people, a form of protein was named after one of our favourite pocket monsters.


Pic by Wikipedia


Pikachurin, a protein discovered in 2008, was named after its resemblance to Pikachu’s nimble and fast reflexes. Shocking….


Truly, the Pokémon franchise is one that has impacted folks in many ways be it commercially or fond nostalgia of growing up. What was your favourite Pokémon memory? Share with us in the Comments section !

Have a great #PokemonDay!



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