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Special deals for prepaid users – from as low as RM1!

by SuperUser ‎10-03-2017 05:28 PM - edited ‎04-05-2017 08:01 PM

As loyal Digi users, we’re pretty sure you’re familiar with all the awesome goodies and promos that sneakily pop up when you least expect it… So here you go!

                             RM1 for 300MB     


This offer is only available on the all-new MyDigi app, and if you're not on it yet - click here: http://digi.my/mydigiapp 


Got the app? Great! Here’s how you get this super deal:





Not convinced? Then click here to find out more: http://digi.my/exlcusive 


Q1: Who can purchase these Internet Passes?
A1: All Digi Prepaid customers are eligible to purchase these Internet Passes, except Prepaid Broadband and DG Prepaid Smart Plan.

Q2: How do I check my internet balance?
A2: To check your internet balance please go to MyDigi app home screen, swipe left to 2nd screen to view your internet balance. You may click ‘view details’ for more usage info.

Q3: Can I use this Internet Pass with any of the Internet Plan?
A3: Yes you can. Note that the Internet Pass quota will be utilized first before quota is deducted from your Internet Plan.

Q4: When does my validity of Internet Pass expire?
A4: Validity expires 24 hours from the time of purchase for 1 Day pass.

Q5: Can I purchase this Internet Pass multiple times?
A5: Yes you can, as long as you have sufficient balance.

Q6: If I purchase the Internet Pass multiple times, how long is the validity period?
A6: The quota of the Internet Pass will be combined, and the validity period of the combined quota will expire 24 hours from the time the last Internet Pass is purchased. For example, if you purchase “RM1 for 300MB Internet” Pass at 2PM, Oct 18, and another “RM1 for 300MB Internet” Pass at 10PM, Oct 18, both passes (with 600MB Internet) will expire on 9.59PM, Oct 19.


Q7: Do I need to have an Internet plan in order to purchase these Internet Pass?
A7: No Internet plan is required.


Q8: Will this Internet Pass auto-renew?
A8: No, this is a one time pass and will not auto-renew.





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