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RM1 for 7 days Internet !

by Staff on ‎02-10-2015 03:42 PM

  1. What is this RM1 for 7days internet plan with 50MB?

Selected customers to whom Digi has communicated can subscribe to 7 days internet plan with 50MB at only RM1. The Normal price of the plan is RM3. Upon subscription RM2 will be rebated to you in 7 days.


  1. How do I subscribe to the offer?

Please follow these easy steps to subscribe to this plan:


Step 1

Dial *138#

Step 2

Press 2 to select Internet Packages

Step 3

Press 1 to select Weekly RM3(50MB)

Step 4

Press 1 to Confirm subscription


  1. How long is the offer valid?

The subscription offer is only valid for 3 days. However for subsequent renewal till 21st Oct you will still enjoy Weekly RM3 internet at only RM1


  1. Is this a one time subscription plan?

This offer is an auto renewal plan. You will receive RM2 rebate till 21st Oct for your renewal. Any renewal after the 21 Oct will be charged RM3/week. Hence please unsubscribe via *138# before the expiry of the internet plan should you not wish to remain active.


  1. Do I get unlimited WhatsApp and WeChat with this subscription of this offer?

Yes, you get to surf WhatsApp and WeChat unlimited at high speed upon your quota expiration. 


  1. Are FREE calls via WhatsApp and WeChat included in the Unlimited Social Messaging feature?

No, the Unlimited Social Messaging feature only allows you to send and receive messages, photos and videos on WeChat and WhatsApp. Voice calls (along with video calls and other services not mentioned) are not applicable.


  1. Will my subscription be renewed automatically after it expires?

Yes, it will be renewed automatically after your subscription has ended at the end of every week at 11.59pm. Renewal starts from 12am onwards.


  1. I used less than 50MB this week. Can I carry forward my unused quota?

No. The 50MB worth of Mobile Internet quota is allocated on a weekly subscription basis. You are not allowed to carry forward any unused amount.




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