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Postpaid & Prepaid customers, enjoy discounts on Google Play purchases!

by SuperUser ‎10-06-2016 12:04 PM - edited ‎14-06-2016 10:54 AM

Discounts galore on Google Play.


If you're a Prepaid customer, you get to enjoy a 10% discount for any amount of purchases you make (limited to  games, apps and in-app purchases)


If you're a Postpaid customer, take RM10 off your first purchase (also limited to games, apps and in-app purchases).


So now, it's SHOPPING TIME!




Here are some of the apps we like, in no particular order. Share your thoughts and your favourite apps! We’d love to hear from you Smiley Happy


*Prices are accurate as at the time of writing this article. Prices may differ in future.




Solid Explorer and Solid Explorer 2.0 (Free, RM6.21 for Po version)


Android is known for being open making this Operating System’s file management function much like your PC. Folders upon folders of files may be a hassle to manage but not with Solid Explorer! You get to clearly see every single folder in your Android device as well as its contents and size occupancy.

Now, go forth and manage your files like a pro!


Tasker (RM13.42)


Get ready for this app because it’s a doozy! When you get the hang of it, your Android device will be the coolest in town. Tasker allows you to make the most of automation. Upon setting conditions, you will be able to let your Android device perform actions automatically.


For example, your favourite music app will start playing tunes on your playlist once it connects to a specific Bluetooth audio system. Is that it? Obviously not. Let your imagination go wild!




Grand Theft Auto Games (RM19.99 upwards each)

Disclaimer: We do not endorse violence. However, we do endorse awesome gaming experiences on your mobile devices. The GTA series needs no introduction; so you need no hesitation to get some of the best action games that were once on PC and consoles on your mobile devices. Long commutes are no longer going to be a drag when you’re immersed in amazing stories and gameplay.


Minecraft Pocket Edition (RM28.21)


Another PC/console hit in your pocket. How could anyone go wrong with this? Surely the Pocket Edition (PE) is not going to be as complete as the PC version, but it’s awesome to be able to carry such a comprehensive game wherever you are!


Monument Valley (RM13.00)


Challenge and elegant visuals have never come together this beautifully on a mobile app. Winner of several awards, Monument Valley, pits players in well-designed levels you need to experience for yourself.




Facetune (RM12.00)

We want our selfies and we-fies to be as perfect as possible, sometimes nearly of stock photo quality! Facetune lets you touch-up and brighten-up those lovely smiles of yours. Not all of us will want to carry computers loaded with the most sophisticated photo-editing software. Facetune is your perfect Photoshop replacement on-the-go.


VivaVideo Pro: HD Video Editor (RM11.99)


How about a movie editor in your pocket? Here’s your little production studio that is sure to give you what you need to suite your fast-paced lifestyle. This complete package lets you add filters, effects, and more!


SKRWT (RM3.72)


Here’s another photo editing app you can consider. SKRWT lets you do more complex photo editing like correcting lens distortion. In addition to that, it can even allow you to view comprehensive details of you photo like ISO, shutter speed, and more! How’s that for a complete photo editing experience?


Need more info? Check out our website here, complete with FAQs.

by Member
on ‎21-06-2016 02:35 PM

Nice Article


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