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MyDigi Superdeals: Watch Astro GO at irresistible prices!

by Community Manager on ‎15-05-2017 02:13 PM

Don’t want to miss your favourite shows when you’re away from home? Now you can watch them on Astro GO for as low as RM0.99 with the MyDigi Superdeals.


Here’s how you can purchase and get the redemption code on MyDigi app.



Then, head over to campaign.astro.com.my to redeem your voucher:


You will then be directed to Astro GO site. Log in and play your purchased episode!



Q1. Is the offer exclusive for Digi customers only?
A1. Yes, this MyDigi Superdeals for Astro GO pay-per-view titles is available exclusively for all Digi customers, in which they are able to purchase selected Astro pay-per-view content at very attractive price for 48 hours of viewing via Astro GO app upon purchase and redemption.


Q2. If I am not an Astro customer, can I purchase and enjoy the episode?
A2. Yes, as long as you are a Digi customer, you can purchase the selected pay-per-view episode via the MyDigi app and redeem to enjoy the content on Astro GO. All you need is an Astro ID which you can apply for free to log in to Astro Go. Upon redemption, the episode will be tied to your Astro ID, and you will be able to enjoy the content concurrently for up to 2 devices for 48 hours.


Q3. If I am an Astro and Digi customer, do I need to purchase the deal from Digi or can I purchase it directly from Astro GO?
A3. If you are an Astro customer, you can check your entitlement on Astro GO by linking your Astro ID with your Astro account/smartcard number. All Astro customers can access to their subscribed channels and content on Astro GO for free. If the content is not available within your subscription, you will need to purchase it through MyDigi app as this promotion is available only for Digi customers.


Q4. I am a Digi customer but I am having difficulties when I try to purchase the content from the MyDigi app. What should I do?
A4. Please contact us for any technical issues faced during the purchase at MyDigi app @ 016 2211 800.


Q5. I have successfully purchased an episode under this promotion, but I realised it’s not the episode that I wanted to watch. Can I use the same coupon code to redeem a different episode?
A5. No, each coupon code is can only be used to a specific episode and customers can only redeem the same episode as stated during the purchase. All purchases are not exchangeable or refundable, so make sure you choose the correct episode you want to watch. Please refer to the terms and conditions stated in MyDigi app for more information.


Q6. I would like to purchase an episode on MyDigi app but it was shown “sold out” in the app. Can I still purchase and enjoy the content from Astro GO?
A6. There are limited quantities for each episode available for purchase, and it is only available for Digi customers. Once it’s sold out, customers will not be able to purchase them anymore. However, please stay tuned for more exciting episodes that will be available from time to time.


Q7. I have purchased and watch the content. Can I share the coupon code with my friends and family?
A7. Each voucher code is unique and available for a single redemption only. However, upon redemption, you will be able to watch the content on Astro GO on up to two different devices concurrently with your friends and/or family members.


Don’t miss these shows at only RM1.99:
12-21 May 2017 – Maharaja Lawak Mega 2017 (Finale Episode)
22-28 May 2017 – Konsert Rockanova (Finale Episode)
29 May – 4 June 2017 – Konsert Gema Gegar Vaganza (Finale Episode)


For more information about MyDigi Superdeals and how you can purchase from the MyDigi app, visit new.digi.com.my/mydigi-overview.


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