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Join us at our "Us Vs Cyberbullying" event!

by SuperUser ‎21-09-2016 11:51 AM - edited ‎28-09-2016 06:54 PM

Advancing into the digital age, users are increasingly vulnerable to bullying, thanks to anonymity that the internet affords them. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” But it’s the exact opposite on the Internet, where people have mean things to say without thinking about the effect it has on the other person on the receiving end.


It remains our responsibility to ensure that kids stay safe online, and that their online experience is an enriching and positive one every step of the way into adulthood. As with all powerful tools, we must ensure that our kids are taught to use the Internet safely and responsibly, without endangering themselves or others.


If you’re a parent, caretaker or you spend time with kids who are near and dear to you, here are a few interesting key facts you need to be aware of:

  • 83% of school kids are vulnerable to online risks due to minimal protective actions taken.
  • 70% are not concerned with the invasion of privacy or anonymity of the person they interact with.
  • 64% feel that sending improper SMS-es, posting inappropriate photos, and pretending to be someone else are not cyberbullying.

 *Statistics are according to the largest national survey on cyber safety among schoolchildren in Malaysia in 2014.


To take it one step further in our Cybersafe initiative, we’re organizing an “Us vs. Cyber-bullying Event” on the 1st of October (Saturday), from 10am – 5pm, and we would love for you to join us.


We’ll be partnering with MBPJ, MCMC, Generasi Gemilang, Unicef, PDRM, CyberSecurity, Protect & Save the Children, Women:Girls, and Childline, who share our ambitions in creating a safer digital space. There will be plenty of games for the whole family! It’s a great opportunity for your kids to learn about cybersafety and the dangers that surround this issue, in an interactive manner, with the opportunity to win FREEBIES and goodies!


Here are some of the fun activities for you and your kids:


Trike Bike.jpg




Bag Jump.jpg


What’s more, there will be food trucks and performances from music acts, such as Nur Amira, Sawyer, Thomas & Jack, Elecoldxhot, KRU, Back2Basixx, Johanis, Juztin Lan, Khai Bahar, Ky Tha, and Salam Muzik!






Nur Amira 


thomas and jack.PNG

Thomas & Jack





See you there! Visit our event page here to see the full agenda and get updates Smiley Happy



Where: PJ Boulevard (Next to Menara MBPJ)

When: 1st October 2016 (Saturday), 10am – 5pm
Who can come: The whole family!


Want to know how you can keep your family safe now? Check out our Family Safety app here! Family Safety is a solution for people who want to know that their children or elderly relatives are safe at all times. Parental controls give parents additional ability to put restrictions in place for how their children use their smartphones.


Download the app by following the links below:



by Member
‎30-09-2016 08:41 AM - edited ‎30-09-2016 08:57 AM

Dino brochure 001 (3).jpgBy now most of you guys would have know me, Kiron Manuel  using mobile line 016-2507874.

Your effort is a prayer answered.I can give precise details of who is behind cyber bullying and which companies in Malaysia are involved.When I was educating  young people I used to take these young people for adventures to Pulau Ketam, Genting Highlands, the Bird Park , The Butterfly Park, The Telekom Museum and even Singapore so that these people would be away from the  evil influences.True when we travel we get some residual effects.For my trip to Singapore , I did not carry my SIM card but I carried my typical yellow phone.By now you guys at DIGI would have an image of my phone too.

I have three active lines, one prepaid and two post piad.The service is excellent but billing has to be a bit more precise.

I even took this group of youngsters to nature reserves like Kemesah Waterfalls near Zoo Negara and Zoo Negara itself.

There is another nature reserve at Ampang called  Bukit Belacan.

The image you see above is from the Dinosaur Museum that we went  in Avenue K.I believe an active mind creates a safe body and overall safety for society.I even took this group to the National Library at KL located on Jalan Tun Razak.

I was able to convice this group of young people to even get a DIGI line which they purchased with a Lenovo Tablet Scheme.

I use  Whatsapp on a WIFI signal .All calls and text messages are  my SIM card only.

In Conclusion even though hurt was done to me, I can still revive this project and implement this project for any person.

I have two active blogs.





Thank you

Yours Truly

Kiron Manuel

by Member
‎30-09-2016 08:43 AM - edited ‎30-09-2016 08:44 AM

Genting Photo2245.jpg


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