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Here are 5 reasons why you should upgrade :)

by SuperUser ‎16-01-2017 12:29 PM - edited ‎20-01-2017 06:06 PM

Have you upgraded your SIM to a 4G LTE-enabled SIM yet? Now, you can do so at no charge at all. If that’s not enough to get you to enjoy better everything 4G can offer, here are a few reasons we have prepared for you. Let us begin!


1. It’s free! Who wouldn't want a free upgrade to enjoy more?


Let's be honest, there is no such thing as a free lunch. But we're upgrading your SIM Cards absolutely free, truly! Head over to your nearest Digi store and we will help you out. Check out the list of stores here.


2. Use it with your latest smartphone to enjoy Malaysia’s widest 4G network.


The latest offerings from the biggest smartphone manufacturers deserve the best connectivity they can get. Your new 4G SIM card will deliver everything Digi has to give you the best mobile experience, ever!


3. Stream your favourite movies, music, and more with little to no waiting on your buffer.


The days of downloading are over! Stream your favourite content at the highest possible quality that only 4G networks can give. Is it still buffering? Take a look into the distance for just a moment. Look at your smartphone again. Now, enjoy your music and videos.


4. Need to travel? Ride on your host country's 4G network with ease, too!


Yes, la. We know that Malaysia's infrastructure could be better. So go ahead and enjoy what your host country has to offer when you travel! Now you will never be at a loss of attractions while completing your visit.


5. Share the best moments with friends & family with quality video calls. It'll be just like you're there!


Charlie Chaplin once said,"The aeroplane and the radio have brought us closer together." This stands true especially with smartphones today. Sharing your moment with your loved ones has never been easier, and now, never better with 4G connectivity! You know that you have tried video calls before and enjoyed how awesome it was connecting two ends of the world together.


Bonus : You can upgrade your SIM and exchange it without queueing up at the counter, as we now have a kiosk at our Digi stores! All you need to bring is your MyKad and current SIM card for the kiosk transaction.


How to check if your SIM is 4G LTE-enabled? Just  type “LTE” or “Lte” and send it to 20000 to check.

You will receive an auto-reply on your SIM type.


There ya go!


Head over to a Digi Store near you TODAY. Click HERE for the list of stores.

by Member
on ‎19-01-2017 01:19 PM

Free for all stores or certain stores?
I'd been asking around for the past 3 months to upgrade to a 4G LTE-enabled SIM & most of the stores are asking for RM10 fee.

I hope you can provide a clear information & not misleading one.

by Support
‎19-01-2017 05:51 PM - edited ‎19-01-2017 05:52 PM

Hi wk_fong,


You may visit your nearest Digi Store or Digi Store Express http://digi.my/ds for a free 4G LTE SIM upgrade, offer until 31st Jan 2017.  Thanks. 

by Member
on ‎19-01-2017 08:46 PM

Hi i also just come back from DiGi berjaya time square. They also request rm10 for services charge. They say only at Midvalley we can change for free.

by Member
on ‎19-01-2017 09:34 PM

Dear Digi_MYCHEAH,
That's a typical answer from DiGi yet the reality is far from the answer given based on my experience & may other DiGi user's feedback.

Perhaps, I would like to kindly suggest you go to the DiGi stores, ask & see how most of the stores are charging RM10 fee for the 4G LTE-enabled SIM.

Else, this announcement of free upgrade or change is just a misleading one.

by Member
on ‎20-01-2017 03:33 PM

It okay to up grade...but my place the 4g was nothing but the weakest signal ever.resolve the issue then i will change my sim to 4g.other than that i to have stick to my old sim.Smiley Indifferent

by Contributor
on ‎23-01-2017 10:40 AM

Went to Gurney Plaza and was told can't be done although it's on the list of stores based on above link. 


So so what can we do? Can you please send me a confirmation who to contact at Gurney Plaza to resolve this?

by Member
on ‎13-02-2017 07:52 PM

I not think so...this is the worst internet connection I never seen before.honestly,although I  having outstanding with digi,I will settle asap and change other provider.I am a more than 5 years digi user,but I very very very disappointed and no have any hope digi will change the situation I meet shortly,totally no.

Guys,that 4g didn't coverage your area??don't be silly.isn't it didn't charging monthly fees if we can't using the 4g connection??No.and the promotion is very attract everybody.but if u compare with other provider,maybe will cheaper a little bit,but CAN'T surf smoothly...is u need??sorry,I live in town area,so the problem l met is whatever the device show me the 4g signal,but the connection is  xxbytes/second,just few bytes,it's almost didn't work...so what means.in the same time I compare with other provider,when I surf,I will spend more time than others.why?I asking the question.digi technician told me the device not suitable for the card???WTF??I still need looking a device to suitable the card???

Now,when I surf,suddenly will drop line,no only in morning,evening,midnight also same result,Suddenly Drop Line and very hard to get the connection back shortly(normally few minute I wait every time digi drop line,this is the most I can't accept)

So,I just let anybody saw this text and let to know the issues I met and how the digi solve. 

2.Free change to 4g SIM card??sorry,I change my card just few month before at Prangin Mall,but been charge rm10.

by Member
on ‎19-02-2021 01:05 AM

I'm agreed..they should do something..i dont know if  my phone was corrupt or else, always i had  call for complained but still  the network  goes suck..always telling myself that digi was the best..and this is some proof..and i had call the help line and  they checking up and told me that my location its not have a coverage for 4g..ha ha ha what a wasted.Screenshot_20210219_002529.jpg

by Support
on ‎19-02-2021 02:41 AM

adhianmozham, if u need any further assistance from us here, please PM us the full details of ur issue ya


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