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Guide to Finding a Gaming Table and Chair That Best Suits You!

by SuperUser on ‎05-07-2021 01:31 PM - last edited on ‎13-07-2021 01:50 PM by Community Manager

Calling all gamers!


Hope everyone is doing fine during this lockdown period. Today I would like to talk about Gaming Tables and Gaming Chairs.


Firstly, let us dive into Gaming tables. First off, if you have a brand-new gaming desktop or gaming laptop, you will want a good gaming table to go with it too amiright? Having a normal table works too but may not be comfortable in the long run especially when most of us are at home most of the time. Thus, a good gaming table is needed as we need to be comfortable be it whether we are gaming or doing work. There are a few factors to look for when searching for the perfect gaming table, let us now look into the factors shall we?


1. Space and size

Why space? This is due to everyone having a different type of room size. One cannot expect to get a super big table to fit inside a small room. Not only that, but gaming tables also come in various sizes. The most commonly used gaming tables either have a rectangular layout or L shape. Not to mention, there is also a U-shaped table that provides a comfortable work/gaming space but do note that this will take up considerably a lot of room space.





2. Organizing

A tidy/clean table is ideal for both work and gaming as no one wants a messy table with cables everywhere. Thus, having a table with capability of hiding cables is highly recommended. Most table designs have a small tray or cable hook for users to put their cables usually at the bottom of the table, towards the backwards. Though the downside of this is those that prefer monitor arms, you will not be able to put them there if the tray is in the way.




3. Build type!

Gaming tables often come in many types too. There is your solid wood table, and there’s even a tempered glass table. Each type of table will have their advantages and disadvantages, so it all boils down to what you decide to have on your table whether it’s single, dual, or triple monitor setup. For a tempered glass table, it’s definitely eye catching. However, if you’re looking to utilize a monitor arm, this may not be the best choice for a gaming setup. A wall mount setup would be more ideal. And if you are one to keep up with trends, the hype today is the motorized type of table that you can adjust to move up and down.





4. Quality

On average, most of us spend at least 8 hours or more working/gaming so don’t skim on the quality! Do check reviews before deciding on a particular table that you are interested in.


This summarize the gaming table portion, next we will jump onto the topic of gaming chairs, which is my favourite topic or rather item Smiley Very Happy


Gaming Chairs

Gaming Chair or just any chair is something we will sit on for long hours, be it gaming or working. Of course, the main priority here would be comfort. Below are the few factors which I think are crucial in looking for the right chair.


1. Ergonomics

Gaming chairs are usually built with ergonomics in mind as chairs are meant to enhance comfort and maintain our physical wellness. Majority of gaming chairs these days are packed with features such as 180 degrees recline, adjustable 4D armrest, lumbar back support and headrest. There are also some gaming chairs that come with RGB lightning, and yes… LIGHTS.


2. Type of Material

Gaming chairs also come in a few types of material. We often see the majority of brands using PU Leather. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Gaming chairs also come in different types of material such as Leather, PVC leather, Fabric and even Mesh. In my honest opinion, I somehow prefer either Fabric or Mesh type as I personally find any sort of leather type will crack especially in Malaysia’s weather.


3. Size

One major important factor of the gaming chair is also the size. Most brands of gaming chair out there usually have a graph which indicates the user height and weight and recommends the right size gaming chair for them. Take for example Secretlab. Their chairs come in 2 sizes, Omega and Titan. Both chairs have different designs, especially on the seat. Omega has snug-fit seatbase, while the Titan has levelled seatbase.






4. Budget

A good gaming chair is not cheap to begin with, that is why when looking for a gaming chair do consider the budget too. A cheaper gaming chair I will not say is bad, but it usually often lacks a lot of features that premium gaming chairs have. Therefore, I would recommend planning well, save up enough and splurge on that gaming chair that you like.


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by SuperUser
on ‎26-08-2021 10:44 AM

i know some companies provided their employees with special COVID19 allownce to get themselves a good table and chair.

so, the tips and guide above is really useful.

money not enough for me... so for now, i'm still just reusing whatever existing tables and chairs at home. but have to admit... sitting 8 hours on solid wooden dining chair is no fun!


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