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Five tips to get the most of your mobile data!

by SuperUser ‎15-01-2016 03:41 PM - edited ‎15-01-2016 06:00 PM

It’s more than just a computer these days. It’s the way to stay connected and updated even to the second. However, it sometimes comes with a dreadful cost. Your heart races “You have consumed 80% of your monthly data quota”. Have you really used that much already?


Here are tips that can help you save some of your data quota for doing stuff that you love!


  1. Turn off your apps’ auto-refresh

Lots of apps, like your email clients, automatically refresh and pull the latest stuff even when they are in the background.




2. Optimise your media consumption


  • Reduce your video streaming quality when you’re out and not on a WiFi access point.
  • Turn off the apps’video autoplay when you’re on mobile data
  • Get onto a telco that allows music streaming from your favourite music library. Learn more about Digi Music Freedom here: digi.my/musicfreedom






3. Ads can take up data.


  • Use ad blockers. There are lots of third party add blocker apps available in the Play Store and Apple Store. Find the one that suits you best.
  • Or you can choose to play your offline mobile games with data turned off. That’ll sure to keep those apps from downloading pesky ads. You’ll also receive your notifications when you turn your data back so that you can get your game on!






4. Use your mobile browsers’ data-saving settings


  • Big names like Chrome & Safari have this option. Save battery and data while you use it.



5. Use WiFi for heavy tasks


  • Certain tasks like cloud backup, software updates, and video streaming can take up a huge chunk of your data. 





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