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Celebrate Chap Goh Mei With Lantern Riddles!

by Community Manager on ‎02-03-2018 10:51 AM - last edited on ‎03-08-2020 02:13 PM by Community Manager

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Wishing everyone a happy Chap Goh Mei! In the spirit of this day, let us celebrate with some riddles!



I am like a fish but not a fish, forever in the sea. A fountain from afar, an island up close. What am I? (Guess an animal)


答: 鲸 Ans: Whale


猛将百余人,无事不出城。出城就放火,引火自烧身 (打一日常用品)

We are an army of a hundred, docile and asleep. However, once awakened, we will burn ourselves to ashes. What are we? (Guess a household item)


答:火柴 Ans: Matches


为你打我,为我打你。打到你皮开,打得我出血 (打一动物名)

I tease you constantly, exchanging hits on each other; until your skin breaks and I bleed (Guess an animal)


答:蚊子 Ans: Mosquitos


肥腿子,尖鼻子。穿裙子,背屋子 (打一动物名)

I have fat legs and a sharp nose; I wear a dress and carry a house. What am I? (Guess an animal)


答:蜗牛 Ans: Snail


红公鸡,绿尾巴,身体钻到地底下,又甜又脆营养大 (答一食物)

I have a rooster’s red crown and green tail, with my body buried in the ground. I am sweet, crunchy, and nutritious. What am I? (Guess a food)


答:红萝卜 Ans: Carrot



You sit while I stand; I walk when you cannot. You sleep on your back, I sleep standing until morn. What am I? (Guess an animal)


 答:马 Ans: Horse


有面无口,有脚无手。听人讲话,陪人吃酒。 (打一日常用品)

I have a top without a bottom, I have legs but no hands. I am always a listener and a companion for dining. (Guess a household item)


答:桌子 Ans: Table



I am a knife cutting through water, with eyes but no eyebrows. What am I? (Guess an animal)

答:鱼 Ans: Fish


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